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JaharaJayde has two major loves in life - JRPGs and cosplay. And whenever she puts either of those passions of her on display, it's showcased in the best way possible. With an equal amount of respect and admiration for Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, and RWBY, JaharaJayde makes sure to use her Twitch channel to put those fan-favorite franchises front and center while she's gaming. We managed to pull JaharaJayde away from her current cosplay projects to get her to answer a few questions about the RPGs she's spent the most hours with, future goals she'd love to fulfill, and a whole lot more.

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ONE37pm: I definitely peeped that fact that RPGs are life for you! What made you fall in love with that genre?

JaharaJayde: Growing up, I didn't play video games. My only real run-in with them was seeing some of my guy friends play things like Halo or Madden. Or at parties with Mario Kart and Guitar Hero. When I met my fiancé, he played Destiny a lot. So I guess I’d kind of grown to associate video games with mostly sports or shooter-based things, which I wasn’t interested in at all. So I figured, I didn’t really like video games.

But then one day, I saw my fiancé playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and I was so shook. It looked like a watercolor painting and there was a storyline. Like a living book. I immediately fell in love with it. It was from then that I learned about the RPG genre in gaming and I just love it. It's like living a novel or experiencing a comic in first-person. As someone who's always loved books, it's my ideal type of game.

ONE37pm: What RPGs have you poured the most time into? And which ones would you consider your top five of all time?

JaharaJayde: Breath of the Wild is the top stand-alone title I’ve played, with nearly 1000 hours in it! My top faves would be that, Final Fantasy XIV (an MMORPG, so it counts!), Dragon Quest XI, Final Fantasy VII Remake, and Final Fantasy X!

ONE37pm: What led up to you deciding to showcase your love for RPGs through live streaming?

JaharaJayde: The pandemic, actually! And I'd only really just begun playing BOTW at the time, so I wouldn’t even say I had a real appreciation for RPGs yet. My love for the genre happened live right alongside my Twitch audience as they recommended games for me to play!

ONE37pm: Your cosplay pics are so dope! What have been some of your most memorable cosplays thus far?

JaharaJayde: Aw thank you!! I’d say my Sailor Scouts, Sheik, Witcher, BOTW Zelda, and Yor Forger, as those are crowd favorites. I’m a big fan of my Ruby Cosplay and Street Fighter 6 Kimberly cosplay since I made those from scratch and they're super accurate.

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