Meet Elliott Connie, the Positivity-Practicing Psychotherapist

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Elliott Connie

Elliott Connie has become well-known in the psychology community for his dedication to improving people's lives. In traditional therapy, there's always been much less emphasis on solutions that just talking about the problems. However, Elliott implements Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) to do the opposite.

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As you'll find online, SFBT is "a goal-directed collaborative approach to psychotherapeutic change that is conducted through direct observation of clients' responses to a series of precisely constructed questions."

In our interview, we had the pleasure of learning more about Elliott, as well as the ways in which he views the world. We started with his background, and the trials and tribulations he faced as a young man, particularly in regards to his relationship with his father. Instead of disregarding the hardships in his life, he's come to embrace them and place them at the core of his ethos. Elliott isn't happy out of ignorance, he's happy out of complete awareness - and wants the same for the people he helps.

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Elliott Connie

We spoke on practicing positivity in the modern world, and the challenges that we're bound to face surrounded by all the negativity that's out there. As Elliott says himself, " our world today, negativity is unavoidable." Instead of doing your best to avoid it, it's best to know how to be pragmatically positive. Part of the solution here lies in the belief systems of the individual, and how they see their world through their eyes.

Elliott is at a point in his career where he's being blessed with rewards for his optimism and effort. He shared stories of close friends like Charlamagne tha God, Tiffany Haddish, and Joe Koy - and how they've come to impact his journey.

I'm curious about where this journey will take me. I never imagined myself being in Hollywood.

- Elliott Connie

Elliott has a podcast in the works with Charlamagne tha God's The Black Effect network, and was unable to hide his excitement over the promise of this partnership. It's a no-brainer for both of them; and you'd know the inherent truth of this if you've seen his visit on the Breakfast Club.

Tiffany Haddish is who Elliott Connie refers to as "the most loyal person in the world." She helped to convince Elliott to step into the limelight as a comedian, and to demonstrate his skill on the stage. He's done just that, and it seems safe to say he will continue to - which is largely thanks to Tiffany.

Additionally, Elliott Connie shared how genuine of a person Jo Koy is. In the realm of Hollywood, quick, fleeting interactions are a dime-a-dozen - but not with Jo Koy. Jo told Elliott he wanted to stay in touch, and so they did via text. One day, out of nowhere, Jo texted "I love you bro," and Elliott followed up in person, asking, "why did you say that?" Jo responded with, "Because I just love so hard. I love the people who want to support me. I want to see you win, and I want you to know that there's love between us." Elliott said, "Every time I see this dude, that's his energy, that's how he functions. It's not just about time or money, he's even generous with love. I wish everybody knew that you could actually live life that way."

I wake up every day feeling so stoked, wondering "what is going to happen today?"

- Elliott Connie

When we asked Elliott about the best advice he's ever received, he said it was "to go slow." He says it's best to take your time with things: it's more gratifying and allows for you to be more present in your life.

Elliott Connie is bringing a loving sense of humanism to Hollywood, and we can't wait to see just how far he takes it.

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