OneTrackMind Takes TikTok Music Curation to New Levels

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Hailing from Canada, OneTrackMind is far from your standard music curator on TikTok. Not only does he appeal to music listeners, but he offers a similarly notable value to artists as well.

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@josh_wexler / IG

Josh Wexler is the creator behind the brand, and he's clearly a dedicated music super-fan. With every post, he spreads useful knowledge and sparks meaningful dialogue across the music world's underground. Over the course of this year, he's taken his platform to unchartered territory, accomplishing things that he formerly didn't know were possible.

At its core, music and the journalism surrounding it is all founded upon storytelling. This is an important notion to understand why certain artists, journalists, and curators attain success. It's certainly a large part of why OneTrackMind is where it is today; Josh has become somewhat masterful at storytelling, as well as an expert at engaging with his audience. In the underground, only a handful of creators and outlets understand the proper utilization of this method.

Over time, Josh has ushered in some new content formats, including a series that helps guide artists to success. He dissects examples of artists who are winning, offering in-depth explanations as to why they are winning, and translates this clearly to the next generation of artists. He's not referencing talents that blew up a decade ago; he talks about artists who've recently shot up in popularity, which sheds light on the current ecosystem and resources available to artists. This is a big difference maker, because it's of peak relevance and importance to this next generation. As social media changes, so does the strategy behind growing a brand.

OneTrackMind appeals to the modern music fan and artist. Even if you're not as into hip-hop as he is, you're bound to come across some very useful information on his pages, whether it's identifying the next artist to blow up or offering tips on how to become that. Today's a great day to get familiar with him.

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