How an Actor Created a "Get Low" and "Just the Two of Us" Trend on TikTok

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To the window to the wall, til the sweat drops down my... you know the rest. This week's TikTok trend is one that has had everyone going crazy on the app, and it's one of our favorites from 2023 so far because all the moving pieces, and the fact that celebrates two very classic songs that we would have never imagined being put together. But then again, that's what so special about TikTok right? The ability of creators to mash-up things that we would have never expected. This week's trend involves Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz 2003 classic hit "Get Low," Bill Wither's 1980 hit "Just the Two of Us," and a voiceover actor. As always, we'll be walking through the history of the songs, and showing how you can get involved in the challenge.

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Get Low History

Just the Two of Us History

The Creator of the Mash-Up

The TikTok Trend

Several days ago, Allyn created a mashup using the beat from "Just the Two of Us." Over top of the beat, Allyn sings the "To the window to the wall" part from the dirty version of "Get Low," and well... this has become one the app's most popular sounds. Here are some of our favorites from the trend:

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