'We Are the World' Netflix Documentary: 'The Greatest Night in Pop' Trailer, Release Date, and More

Reflecting the legendary night of Jan. 25, 1985

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The story of 'We Are the World' (which is about to get the Netflix documentary treatment) goes a little something like this. It was the evening of January 28, 1985. The location was Los Angeles, California, and in the weeks leading up to this date—Harry Belafonte had been brainstorming with Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie on how they could make a charitable record that would in turn help with providing food and relief to Africa to USA for Africa, specifically Ethiopia, which had been hit with the devastating effects of the 1983 - 1985 famine. That record, of course, wound up becoming 'We Are the World,' with Jackson (who had just finished wrapping up his earth-shattering Thriller era) and Richie taking on the task of writing duties (a process that lasted roughly a week at the Hayvenhurst Jackson Family Compound in Encino, California.

One day after the writing was completed, the initial recording of the song (produced by Quincy Jones) began with a few tweaks to the lyrics, but it was the final night of recording, Jan 28, where all the legends came together for an evening that will never again be seen or duplicated. While over the years we've seen some behind the scenes clips of the footage, we've never seen the night of January 28, 1985 documented quite like this.

Making its way to Netflix at the end of the month, The Greatest Night in Pop gives you an in-depth and never before seen exclusive look at the legendary recording of "We Are the World," and the super talented icons involved in it that knew they were a part of music history, but didn't quite know just how monumental the event would be. Ahead of the premiere, here's everything you need to know about the documentary as far as the release date, trailer, and more.

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When is the release date for 'The Greatest Night in Pop?'

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The Greatest Night in Pop will arrive to Netflix on January 29, which is one day after the 39th anniversary of the recording.

How many trailers are there?

Who's going to be in the documentary?

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At the moment, we know The Greatest Night in Pop is going to feature interviews with the likes of Lionel Richie, Bruce Springsteen, Dionne Warwick, Smokey Robinson, Cyndi Lauper, and plenty more as they reflect on the recordings almost forty years later. The doc is directed by Bao Nguyen and compiles a mixture of interviews, never-before-seen clips, and never-before-heard details about the song and recording process.

Who else was a part of the 'We are the World' song?

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Literally almost everybody. Aside from all who have been mentioned already (Michael, Harry, Lionel, Quincy, Bruce, Dionne, Smokey and Cyndi) you also had Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, Tina Turner, Billie Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Ray Charles, Bob Dylan, and more. Just in the photo above, you can also spot Sheila E., Marlon Jackson, Tito Jackson, etc.—like we said earlier—this was a night that will quite literally never be seen again.

Since it's confirmed that we're getting some never-before-seen exclusives, what do we hope to see?

Harry Belafonte's 'Banana Boat Song' tribute

The early recordings at Hayvenhurst

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Not sure how likely it is, but it would be awesome if there was footage from those early writing sessions with Michael and Lionel included in the documentary. It would be pretty awesome if there was.

The first official day of recording

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Before that January 28th recording, there were a couple of recording dates that took place in the days before (with the first session commencing January 22). It was actually that January 22 date where some of the lyrics were reworked, so it would definitely be neat if there were clips captured from that session that are shown in the doc.

An early outtake of the song

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Fingers crossed, but from the trailer it sounds like we just might be getting to hear an actual early working of the track, which in my opinion is always interesting because you get to hear the song before it the extra layers, mixing, vocals, etc., come into play. And with "We Are the World," there were so many pieces with a good percentage of the recordings being done on the spot in real time, which adds to the fascinating nature of the single.

Anything rare

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Period. If it's rare, we want it. If we've never seen it before we want it. If we've never heard it before we want it. Times ten. We'll be happy with whatever we're gifted though as we didn't even know we were getting this documentary until a couple weeks ago.

The Greatest Night in Pop will be available to stream via Netflix beginning January 29.

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