John Sherwin Wants To Change How You Hydrate

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John Sherwin, Co-founder of Hydrant Inc, was this week’s guest on ONE37pm’s Open Dialogue with Phil Toronto. The two discussed what the company is about, what he did before creating Hydrant, and his attempts at building other companies along the way.

“Our original product was a powder drink mix, and it was for hydrating you faster than water alone as we have grown on other wellness verticals. We think of Hydrant as an accessible wellness platform; we have hydration at the core of all our products with functional benefits added on top of it,” said Sherwin.

“So, right now, we have an energy product, which is Hydrant plus energy, we have an immunity product, which is Hydrant plus immunity, and there will be some more products coming out through 2021 that we are happy to share soon.”

Sherwin was not always in the wellness industry. Before he and his business partner, Jai Jung Kim, started Hydrant, he worked at a tech startup in the Bay Area.

“Before Hydrant, I was working in the Bay Area at a tech company, and it was a YCBack startup. I was an early employee wearing many different hats with many responsibilities, but it was a fire hose of learning. That is why I went there to learn about tech startups in the land where tech startups came from, some six or seven years ago at this point. So, things have changed, but I was somewhat of a product manager and a business development manager. It was an amazing experience, but as soon as the learning period started to slow down. I started to pursue my passion as I come from a family of entrepreneurs, and a lot of role models pursued that path. My family has been very supportive of me to go out and pursue things,” Sherwin said.

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