All of the McDonald's Celebrity Meals, Ranked

Remember these? What we're your favorites?

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It's a tale as old as the beginning of time (business-wise at least). A successful business of any kind gets a major boost by having people with impact (I.E. celebrities, public figures, social media influencers, etc.) as brand ambassadors—Coca-Cola is a great example. Why? Well, because the individuals in those categories have huge fan bases of their own that will make purchases just simply because the person they are a fan of is a representative. And while McDonald's is a huge entity all on its own (with a rich history) and technically doesn't need any help, they've certainly benefited over the years by partnering with some of the top celebrities. Several of those partnerships have resulted in limited-edition meals being offered, and today we're going to be looking at all of the McDonald's celebrity meals and ranking them.

Let's grab some McDonald's and get started.

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The History of McDonald's Celebrity Meals

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It all started with a man named Michael Jordan, which really shouldn't be a major surprise considering the absolute level of stardom, hysteria, and impact Jordan continues to possess to this day. Now MJ technically wasn't new to the Mickey D's family, as he had been working with the company on the brand side since the 1980s, but it wasn't until 1991 that the legend would get his own personal meal, which was called the McJordan because... why it would be called anything else? Six more McDonald's celebrity meals have followed since Jordan (albeit with a huge break in-between as the company sort of put the pause on actual celeb meals for a while after MJ), and we're going to check those right now.

7. The Saweetie Meal

6. The Cardi B and Offset Meal

5. The J Balvin Meal

4. The BTS Meal

3. The Mariah Carey Menu

2. The Travis Scott Meal

1. Michael Jordan

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