Actor Mehcad Brooks On 'Mortal Kombat' Movie, Fatalities, and More

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For the longest time now, video game movies have consistently been mediocre.

For every solid big-screen adaptation of a major video game IP, there’s a horrid film in tow that is better left to the garbage bins of cinema. But in recent years, the sub-genre of video game movies has shockingly improved. The first Wreck-It Ralph offered gamers young and old a deep dive into the world of gaming that was far better than expected. Then there are releases such as 2020’s Sonic The Hedgehog live-action thrill ride, Detective Pikachu, and The Angry Birds Movie 2 that also turned out to be halfway decent viewing experiences.

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ONE37pm: The first scene everyone witnessed in the Mortal Kombat trailer is Sub-Zero brutally freezing your arms and smashing them to pieces. When you watched it back, what was the main thought running through your head?

Mehcad Brooks: “Wow this looks great, it’s incredible what our visual effects department was able to do.”

ONE37pm: So how’d you end up earning the role of Jax? And how'd you feel once you were selected for the part?

Brooks: I’m extremely honored to play Jax. I grew up playing Mortal Kombat so this is a big deal for me.

ONE37pm: Are there any attributes of Jax that you made sure to adhere to while filming this movie?

Brooks: Yes. Jax is huge, he’s much bigger than I am as a person, so I gained 45 pounds of muscles. I did boxing training 5-6 days a week, for 5 months.

ONE37pm: Besides yourself of course, who are some of your favorite characters from the film?

Brooks: I’m impressed with all the characters. Growing up a Scorpion fan, he does not disappoint, and growing up a Sub-Zero fan I was excited to see Joe Taslim bring him to life. And as a lifelong Mortal Kombat fan, all the characters are everything the fans would want and more.

ONE37pm: Did you watch the original Mortal Kombat films? And if so, what'd you think of them?

Brooks: Haven’t seen them in over 20+ years but I remember liking them as a kid.

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