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Superman fans, it's time to put on your imaginary capes once again. The long-awaited My Adventures With Superman series has its trailer and release date set and ready to go. Exactly one month from tomorrow, you'll be able to start watching the show via Adult Swim, which is deemed as coming-of-age story about the origins of Superman himself. We already know about James Gunn's plans for DC, and how Superman fits into that lineup, but with that still being roughly two years away, we need something to hold us over. That, our friends, is My Adventures With Superman, and below is everything you need to know about the upcoming series including the release date, trailer, and anything else we think is important.

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What Is 'My Adventures With Superman' About

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This what we know thus far. My Adventures With Superman will be a coming-of-age story that chronicles the early beginnings of Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen as Kent struggles to find the balance between early adulthood, and coming to terms with his powers and how to use them. The show is obviously an animated one (just putting this here in case those are wondering if live-action is going to come into play at any point), and is sort of an unofficial yet official prequel if you will.

When is the 'My Adventures with Superman" Release Date?

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We've finally got a confirmed premiere date of Thursday, July 6, which is just right around the corner people. Season 1 will premiere with two episodes back-to-back on Adult Swim, and will follow schedule of a new episode each Thursday after. While we do enjoy when shows drop the entire season all in one go, it can be a bit overwhelming to balance at times, so we appreciate My Adventures With Superman being a weekly thing. If you are unable to watch the episodes on Thursday, you can catch re-runs on Max and Toonami starting the following day.

The 'My Adventures with Superman' Trailer:

The 'My Adventures with Superman' Cast:

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Jack Quaid (The Boys) will voice Clark alongside actors Ishmel Sahid and Alice Lee as Jimmy and Lois respectively. The series is being executively produced by Sam Register (President of Warner Bros. Animation and Cartoon Network), along with Brendan Clogher and Jake Wyatt as co-executive producers. Josie Campbell serves as a co-producer.

First Look Pictures:

How about these?

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Once again, My Adventures With Superman is set to premiere on Adult Swim with two episodes on July 6. Don't miss out!

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