The 'One Piece' Arcs in Order: A Viewers' Guide to the TV Show and Movies

Plus, where to watch One Piece in 2024

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For a lot of anime fans, starting One Piece can be daunting. Its 1000+ episode runtime dwarfs even mega long shonen like Naruto, making it an ambitious undertaking. That said, for those who love a show packed with incredible fights, amazing world-building and unmatched character design (plus some of the strongest characters in the genre), it's ultimately a must-watch. And if you have trouble following along, we've put together a handy guide to the One Piece arcs in order, plus information on where to watch them and when to watch the movies.

If you like adventure anime, buckle up. Follow the journey of Monkey D. Luffy, a young man who has one dream, to be king of the pirates. In a world filled with evil pirates and good marines, all might not be what it sees. In Eiichiro Oda's masterpiece manga turned anime, set off to sea with Luffy and his future mates, the Straw Hat Pirates, as they search for the greatest treasure left behind by the king of the pirates, Gol D. Roger.

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What is 'One Piece' about?

Legend has it that the first to find Gol D. Roger's treasure will take his place as king of the pirates, Luffy's most ambitious goal. From heart thrilling adventures, to sad tales of those boarding our journey, One Piece takes viewer through a whirlwind of emotions while strolling through the world in search of what could be Luffy's ticket to making his dream come true. Watch Luffy, who is one of the best anime protagonists of all time, as he takes on some of his strongest foes yet, from regular marine troops and pirates, to some of the strongest—known as the Admirals and Four Emperors, respectively. Of course, in between that Luffy will prove to show that he's no pushover by fighting others with respectively strong titles like the Seven Warlords of the Sea and a secret government assassination group known as CP0. 

The One Piece world doesn't come without its own set of political strifes either. Between diplomatic events such as choosing a tyrant ruler for a country to usurping the throne via a revolution by the people, we don't just see physical fights but ones of politics as well. One Piece has an assortment of political issues it tackles, some of the biggest being the discrimination towards sea folk—or 'Fishmen'—that inhabit the world's oceans, the poor and middle class being controlled by a smaller upper class called the Celestial Dragons who act as gods, and a brave army that stands up to them, fighting for the world's rights and to free themselves from that control, the Revolutionary Army. Aside from Luffy's adventure, watching him search for his biggest treasure and meet new friends along the way, we witness a wicked side to society that's more than just about pirates and marines, one about the people's freedom and those trying to strip them away. The political side of One Piece begs too many questions from the viewers that you'll find yourself asking even 1000+ episodes in; what is the will of D? Who are the Celestial Dragons? And what is it that those at the top seek to gain by completely controlling the world diplomatically? 

All over the One Piece world are special fruits called “devil fruits” full of mystery. Granting the first user to take a bite out of it unimaginable power, we see how Luffy and his crew use devil fruits and other powers introduced later into the series such as “Haki”to fight their enemies. Devil fruits range from giving the user elemental powers, transformation powers, or even much more specific and random powers, one example being Luffy’s fruit. Luffy obtained the “gum-gum” devil fruit prior to his journey as a child, allowing him to have the properties of rubber but with a big drawback. The irony of devil fruits is that they do not allow you to swim! Luffy’s life through water is much more perilous due to the fact that he is unable to swim and any form of sea water renders him unable to battle. How will he overcome this hurdle? Where did devil fruits come from and what's their relationship with the sea? All of these questions will be answered in due time watching Luffy grow with his powers and understand more about the origins of himself and his devil fruit. 

Between humans, Fishmen, giants, people who live in the sky, to even robots, there's a plethora of races that give rise to so many fun encounters with the Straw Hat Pirates. They come in all forms of shapes and sizes, the Longarm tribe and Longleg tribe being some very self explanatory examples, the only thing limiting the races and designs is Oda’s imagination. Of course what kind of wacky adventure doesn't come with its fair share of amazing settings; watch the crew stroll through a multitude of islands ranging from one filled with toys as people, one made of half lava half fire, one made almost entirely of food, an island sized elephants walking along the ocean (its legs reaching the ocean floor), and others like islands filled with samurai or Amazonian people. That's only some of the hundreds of islands Luffy and his crew traverse through.

How to watch 'One Piece' in chronological order:

In order to truly enjoy the One Piece experience, it is key to watch the shows and movies in chronological order to fully understand the world Oda has tried to draw for us. Most would recommend you to skip filler episodes, episodes that don't have any relevance to the main story (and are not included in the manga), but we think One Piece does a fantastic job with their filler episodes—the show is comprised of only 10% filler total. In case you prefer not watching filler, we identify them, but here is a list of all One Piece canon episodes, movies, and filler episodes in chronological order so you can be up to date in the most approachable fashion the show has to offer. 

Films in the list are bolded and italicized.

East Blue Saga 

  • Romance Dawn Arc - EP 1-3 
  • Orange Town Arc - EP 4-8 
  • Syrup Village Arc - Ep 9-18 
  • One Piece: The Movie
  • Baratie Arc - EP 19-30 
  • Arlong Park Arc - EP 31-44 
  • Loguetown Arc - EP 45-53 
  • Clockwork Island Adventure 
  • Warship Island (FILLER) - EP 54-61 

Arabasta Saga

  • Reverse Mountain Arc - EP 62-63 
  • Whisky Peak Arc - EP 64-67 
  • Diary of Koby-Meppo - EP 68-69 
  • Little Garden Arc - EP 70-77 
  • Drum Island - EP 78-91 
  • Episode of Chopper Plus: Bloom in Winter, Miracle Sakura
  • Arabasta - EP 92-130 
  • Chopper’s Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals
  • Post Arabasta (FILLER) - EP 131-135 
  • Episode of Arabasta: The Desert Princess and the Pirates 

Sky Island Saga 

  • Goat Island (FILLER) - EP 136-138 
  • Dead End Adventure 
  • Ruluka Island (FILLER) - EP 139-143 
  • The Cursed Holy Sword 
  • Jaya Arc - EP 144-152 
  • Skypiea Arc - EP 153-195 
  • G-8 (FILLER) - EP 196-206 

Water 7 Saga 

  • Long Ring Long Land Arc - EP 207-219 
  • Oceans Dream (FILLER) - EP 220-224 
  • Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island Movie
  • Foxy's Return (FILLER) - 225-228
  • The Giant Mechanical Soldier of Karakuri Castle 
  • Water 7 Arc - EP 229-263 
  • Enies Lobby Arc - EP 293-312 
  • Post-Enies Lobby Arc - EP 313-325 

Thriller Bark Saga 

  • Ice Hunter (FILLER) - EP 326-335 
  • Chopper Man Special (FILLER) - EP 336
  • Thriller Bark Arc - EP 337-381 
  • One Piece Film: Strong World 
  • Spa Island (FILLER) - EP 382-384 

Summit War Saga 

  • Sabaody Archipelago Arc - EP 385-405 
  • One Piece 3D: Straw Hat Chase 
  • Boss Luffy Special (FILLER) - EP 406-407
  • Amazon Lily Arc - EP 408-417 
  • Straw Hats Seperational Series - EP 418-421
  • Impel Down Arc - EP 422 - 425 
  • Little East Blue (FILLER) - EP 426-429
  • Impel Down Arc cont. - EP 430-452 
  • Straw Hats Seperational Series cont. - EP 453-456
  • Marineford Arc - EP 457-489 
  • Post-War Arc - EP 490- 491 
  • Toriko Crossover (FILLER) - EP 492 
  • Post-War Arc cont. - EP 493 -516 

Fish-Man Island Saga 

  • Return to Sabaody Arc - EP 517-522 
  • Fish-Man Island Arc - EP 523-541 
  • Toriko Crossover (FILLER) - EP 542
  • Fish-Man Island Arc cont. - EP 543-574 

Dressrosa Saga 

  • Z’s- Ambition (FILLER) - EP 575-578 
  • One Piece Film: Z 
  • Punk Hazard Arc - EP 579-589 
  • Toriko and Dragonball crossover - EP 590 
  • Punk Hazard Arc cont. - EP 591-625 
  • Caesar Retrieval - EP 626-628 
  • Dressrosa Arc - EP 629-746 

Whole Cake Island Saga 

  • Silver Mine (FILLER) - EP 745-750 
  • One Piece Film: Gold 
  • Zou Arc - EP 751-779 
  • Marine Rookie (FILLER) - EP 780-782 
  • Whole Cake Island Arc - EP 783-877 
  • Levely Arc - EP 878-889 

Wano Country Saga 

  • Wano Country Arc - EP 890-894 
  • Cidre Guild (FILLER) - EP 895-896 
  • One Piece Stampede 
  • Anime 20th Anniversary Special (FILLER) - EP 907
  • Wano Country cont. - EP 908-1028 
  • Uta’s Past - EP 1029-1030 
  • One Piece Film: Red 
  • Wano Country cont. - EP 1031-1085

1. East Blue

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  • Episodes: 1 - 61
  • Characters introduced: Buggy, Mihawk, Arlong, Dragon
  • New crew members: Nami, Zoro, Usopp, Sanji

Luffy meets the Red Hair Pirates in his youth declaring he will become the king of the pirates. We see Luffy meet Nami, Zoro and then Usopp, three of his permanent crew members in the early episodes before meeting Sanji who joins the crew in episode 30.

2. Arabasta

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  • Episodes: 62 - 135
  • Characters introduced: Laboon, Crocus, Vivi, Ace, Garp, Crocodile, Bon Clay
  • New crew members: Chopper, Nico Robin

The crew enters the Grand line and encounters a huge whale called Laboon. Visiting islands such as Whiskey Peak on Cactus Garden, Little Garden and Drum Island, they find Vivi and help her defeat the Baroque Works organization. They defeat the mastermind behind Arabasta and Vivi's suffering, Crocodile. Nico Robin is introduced in this arc.

3. Sky Island

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  • Episodes: 136 - 206
  • Characters introduced: BlackBeard (Marshall D. Teach), Kuma, Doflamingo, 5 Elders, Enel
  • New crew members: N/A

Reaching Jaya, the Straw Hats meet interesting people like Mont Blanc Cricket, who helps them reach Skypiea, a sky island full of mystery and adventure. They then go and try to take down the false god of Skypiea, Enel.

4. Water 7

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  • Episodes: 207 - 325
  • Characters introduced: Aokiji, Sogeking, Rob Lucci, Cipher Pol members, Shanks, Whitebeard
  • New crew members: Franky

From confronting the Foxy Pirates to making enemies of the world government, watch Luffy struggle against the elite organization CP9 in order to save one of his crewmates. We also watch important characters related to Luffy such as Ace and a fateful encounter related to him that features one of the most iconic fights in the show's history: Ace vs. Blackbeard.

5. Thriller Bark

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  • Episodes: 326 - 384
  • Characters introduced: Charlotte Lola, Kaido, Vegapunk
  • New crew members: Brook

Follow the Straw Hats as they travel to Thriller Bark, an island run by one of the seven warlords, Gecko Moria, where they have to fight back to restore the shadows he took from them with his powers.

6. Summit War

Screenshot 2024 01 23 at 4.38.26 PM
  • Episodes: 385 - 516
  • Characters introduced: Eleven Supernovas, Celestial Dragons, Rayleigh, Boa Hancock, Ivankov, Sengoku, Aokiji, Kizaru, Gecko Moria
  • New crew members: N/A

From the crew's dangerous encounter on Sabaody Archipelago, to traveling to the marine jail Impel Down, Luffy begins his adventure on trying to rescue his brother Ace at Marineford. While separated at Sabaody, the crew tries their best to survive after being split up and sent to different islands, but there is a war happening at Marineford in which Luffy needs to rescue his brother. There Luffy realizes he and his crew are too weak for the New World and embarks on a 2 year training period before meeting each other again.

7. Fishman Island

Screenshot 2024 01 23 at 4.41.06 PM
  • Episodes: 517 - 574
  • Characters introduced: Joy Boy, Shirahoshi, Big Mom, Kinemon, Momonosuke
  • New crew members: N/A

After two years, the crew successfully reunites and head to the first island in their new world, Fish Man Island. There the Straw Hats encounter the Fish Man and Flying Pirates, creating a new drama for the crew to partake in. In the process, Luffy offends Big Mom, an emperor of the sea, making his first big enemy in the New World.

7. Dressrosa

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  • Episodes: 575 - 746
  • Characters introduced: Caesar, Kanjuro, Admiral Fujitora, Cavendish, Bartolomeo, StrawHat Fleet, Sabo
  • New crew members: N/A

Starting off on an island called Punk Hazard, the crew meets Caesar Clown, the scientist that sets up the feud between Luffy and Emperor Kaido. There he meets new allies such as Law, a warlord of the sea, who together, take down one of the biggest criminals in the One Piece world: one of Kaido's underlings, another warlord of the sea, Donquixote Doflamingo.

8. Whole Cake Island

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  • Episodes: 751 - 889
  • Characters introduced: Pedro, the Vinsmoke Family, Raizo, Imu, Katakuri, Jack
  • New crew members: Jimbei (almost)

The Straw Hats finally reunite on Zou while trying to advance their plan to take down Kaido when Sanji gets kidnapped, kicking off a whole fight with a previous warlord Luffy has feuds with, Big mom. Follow the story of Sanji and his dark past as we see the Straw Hats try to save him on Whole Cake Island from his unpredictable situation, a marriage proposal between his family and Big Mom's.

9. Wano Country

Screenshot 2024 01 23 at 4.44.52 PM
  • Episodes: 890-1085
  • Characters introduced: Queen, King, Rocks D. Xebec, Yamato, Admiral Greenbull, CP0, Oden
  • New crew members: Jimbei (officially)

Luffy and his “Ninja-Pirate-Mink Samurai Alliance'' prepare
for their fight against Kaido. Follow the crew in Kaido's territory, Wano as they try to take on the Beast Pirates and free the people from being enslaved. We get to see the Straw Hats fight their strongest foes yet, two emperors, Big Mom, and Kaido on Onigashima island. Will we see Luffy beat the undefeatable emperors in order to become King of the Pirate?

Where can I watch 'One Piece'?

As of 2024, you can watch portions of One Piece on Hulu and Netflix, but if you want to watch the entire series (which updates with new episodes), Crunchyroll is the best destination.

FAQs about 'One Piece' arcs:

What is the arc after Marineford?

Marineford is followed by a relatively brief Post-War arc that gives a glimpse into Luffy's upbringing with Ace and Sabo. The next major arc is Fishman Island, which begins on episode 523.

What is the first arc of One Piece?

The first arc of One Piece is the Romance Dawn arc, part of the East Blue Saga—which takes place from episodes 1-53.

What arc comes after Thriller Bark?

Thriller Bark is followed by a few short arcs: the Sabaody Archipelago Arc, the Amazon Lily Arc, and Impel Down Arc. Each of these set up the larger Marineford Arc, and altogether they comprise the Summit War Saga.

What is the longest arc in One Piece?

Wano Country is far and way the longest arc in One Piece, eclipsing a whopping 175 episodes in the anime.

What arc is One Piece on?

In December of 2023, the anime finally surpassed the Wano Arc and is now in the Final Saga, specifically the Egghead Arc. The manga is in the same arc, albeit a bit further along.

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