The Best Movies of 2019, According to the ONE37pm Editorial Team

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When it comes to movies, 2019 was full of record breakers, films that defied expectations and projects like Parasite that bent genres. In an era where the war between cinemas and streaming is only getting hotter, it was an excellent year for both sides of the aisle with two Netflix-original films (Marriage Story and The Irishman) being recognized as legitimate Best Picture contenders at this year's Oscars. Make no mistake about it: 2019 was a great year for movies.

At ONE37pm, we love movies. Given that we focus on culture, style, music and sports, what better place is the intersection of those four worlds examined than in film? 2019 was full of movies that left a serious impact on us, whether that be from laughing, crying or just being completely mesmerized by the events unfolding on screen.

As we head into Oscars weekend, it felt only appropriate that we talk about those movies and share our thoughts on what movies we thought were the best of the best in 2019.

'Jojo Rabbit'




'Uncut Gems'


'Once Upon a Time In... Hollywood'

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