A Conversation With PG Sports Founder Paul Guarino

PG Sports is on the rise

PG Sports

PG Sports is on the rise. Founded by Paul Guarino, PG Sports specializes in sports marketing and sports management, representing notable athletes such as Jeff Adrien, Crystal Dangerfield, Renee Montgomery, and more. Closing out 2021 on a high note, Guarino is looking forward to accomplishing even bigger things in 2022. We sat down with Guarino last week to talk about all things PG Sports.

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Paul Guarino and Chad Dawson / Berk Work

ONE37pm: How did you develop the concept of PG Sports

Guarino: I started a Twitter page back in 2011 because I knew I wanted to be a sports agent. I made these Marshawn Lynch “Beast Mode” t-shirts to promote my business. I reached out to a graphic designer in terms of creating the PG Sports logo, and from there we just kind of had a contest to win the Beast Mode shirts. From there, I just started building relationships with athletes doing things like interview scheduling, making t-shirts, sports marketing, and sponsorships. I have clients in the UFC, WNBA, overseas, and more. The only sport I don’t work with yet is baseball. I currently have about 28 clients on my roster and it’s cool to see all of the connections.

ONE37pm: What does a day in your life look like for you?

Guarino: I’m on my computer pretty much all day every day. I’m scheduling phone calls, handing email, reaching out, and doing virtual calls. I’m pretty busy!

Anthony Ireland and Paul and Mustapha Heron
Anthony Ireland Paul Guarino and Mustapha Heron / Moses Webb

ONE37pm: Who are some of the clients you represent?

Guarino: I represent Kimbo Slice Jr., Renee Montgomery, Brandon Copeland, and Crystal Dangerfield to name a few.

ONE37pm: What’s on the calendar for 2022?

Guarino: Right now I don’t have anything special planned. Just more content, partnership deals, and my goal is to add new people to my roster. I also want to build bigger relationships with brands!

For more on PG Sports you can check out their official website and Twitter.

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