The 10 Best Moments From 'The Rugrats Movie' In Celebration of its 25th Anniversary

The film was released on this day 25 years ago

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1990s babies and 2000s kids—can you believe it's been a whole twenty-five years since The Rugrats Movie was released? We'll save the debate between whether this film or Rugrats in Paris was better for another day because that's an entirely different matter, but if we didn't think we were getting old before today, this anniversary is indeed a reminder that we're getting old folks. A natural extension of the Rugrats series that had begun nearly a decade prior, the film focused on the aftermath of Tommy's little brother Dil being born, receiving mixed reviews from critics for some odd reason. And because as usual, the adults didn't do a good job at watching the babies (one of these days we need to have a serious conversation about the adults "parenting skills"), the children take off in Stu's Reptar wagon, which results in them being lost in the middle of the woods. Thus a search party begins for them (with the blame mostly being put on Stu for creating the Wagon in the first place).

In celebration of the anniversary, we're going to revisit the ten best moments from the film (or at least what we think are the ten best moments). If this doesn't spur you to rewatch the movie sometime this week, then we don't know what to tell you.

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1. Angelica and Susie's "Duet"

2. The Singing Babies

3. Dil Being a Menace From Birth

4. Stu and Drew Arguing

5. Drew and Stu Throwing Them Blows

6. Angelica Being Messy

7. Rex Pester

8. A Happy Ending

9. Tommy Snapping at Dil

10. "Take Me There" - Mya ft. Blackstreet, Mase, Blink Blink

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