TikTok Talks: Brooke Bridges on Making a Living Through Social Media

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Brandon Shamy / ONE37pm

In this episode of ONE37pm’s new series, TikTok Talks, Mike Boyd speaks with Brooke Bridges about her rise on the platform and her best advice for creators just starting. With a whopping 2 million followers on TikTok, Brooke produces a wide array of content for the platform, everything from dance trends to prank videos. She’s keenly tuned into the trending topics and themes on TikTok, and thus provides keen insight into the best ways to help build your personal account.

She first started producing content for the platform when it was still but prefers the contemporary version. “I like that it’s Tik Tok now though because it’s more creative, and you can do literally anything and just like express yourself through a video,” she says. Mike asks her if she has any advice for those starting, and she drops a couple of dimes: “Be consistent. If you post at least one video a day, the algorithm will pick it up and… You only need one viral video. So at the beginning, don’t be discouraged if you don’t get lots of likes or lots of views, because if you post consistently, those likes and those views will come eventually.” And if this advice wasn’t enough, she goes on to say: “If you’re creating original content and just being true to yourself… not making videos for the views, make videos that you genuinely like. If you love fashion, make fashion videos, if you love pranking people, prank people. Because authenticity is the most important thing.”

Aside from her specific advice for posting on the platform, Brooke also shares with Mike how she uses the trending features on the app to keep her content high-performing. “Yeah, but I think hashtags are great, especially when Tik Tok gives you the trending hashtags. I feel like it helps new creators to kind of get a start on the platform. If you’re struggling with what kind of content to post, it kind of gives you an idea of what you could post,” she says. But it’s important not to go crazy with the hashtags. As far as concreter hashtag advice goes, Brooke offers: “I like to use the top hashtags if I can. It’s really important to use hashtags that are relevant to your video. I don’t like it when I see spammy captions with just hashtags just to hashtag them. I usually typically do 3-4 hashtags in a video if they’re relating to the video.”

Brooke’s interview is just one of many Tik Tok Talks that will be launching in the coming weeks. If you’re looking to hear more from successful (and up and coming) Tik Tokkers, make sure to check out all of ONE37pm’s social channels (and Youtube) to stay up to date.

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