TikTok Talks: Candy Ken On What Drives Him to Create and How He Uses TikTok to Educate His Audience

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Using TikTok as a means of educating an audience might not be the first thing you think of when discussing the platform but more creators are using it to do just that while having a lot of fun of course. 

One of those creators is Candy Ken, who in addition to his usual content, has been using TikTok as a means to educate his audience, especially when it comes to social issues. He sat down with ONE37pm's Omari White on the latest episode of TikTok Talks, to discuss his creative process, what it was like moving to the United States and how he got started on TikTok.

Lately, he has been posting videos on his page documenting his activity at the recent Black Lives Matter protests. Given that the audience on TikTok tends to skew towards the younger generation, educating people, especially when it comes to social issues and awareness, is especially important.

"Everything that has to do with [Black Lives Matter] and to push for education, it's not just about trends, it's more about etiquette. Everybody is so young...especially like me, I've only been in America for two years and it's important to first educate myself before saying anything or doing anything. I think TikTok has a very important role in educating young kids that maybe have not gone through 1992 or seen what's going on" Candy Ken said.

Jakob Kasimir Hellrig, aka Candy Ken, was born in Austria and has attended school in both Germany and the United States. After starting his career as a rapper and model, Candy Ken embarked on a new career path on social media where his audience embraced his style of content creation. Combining a masculine appearance with a feminized pop culture aesthetic, he started crushing it on TikTok after getting started on the platform. And despite saying that Instagram is "for the Boomers," he has a sizable audience there as well, with over 219,000 followers.

In his interview with ONE37pm, he had some sage advice for people who are just starting and trying to build a following. "Be yourself. I love seeing all these people embracing themselves. TikTok is a beautiful platform for people who are different and who don't fit the norm." No one should try to emulate anyone else, and it is essential to stay true to yourself.

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