How TikTok Created the "Hotel Lobby" Challenge To Honor the Memory of Takeoff

Long Live Takeoff

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Upon the tragic news of the unexpected passing of Takeoff last month, the TikTok community has come together over the course of these past couple weeks to pay tribute to the young legend who was only just beginning his reign. If your “For You Page” has looked anything like ours recently, then you already know that there’s not one, but two different “Hotel Lobby” challenges happening on the platform at the moment, putting the song in a rare company of tracks that have had two viral trends happening simultaneously.

The two trends are very different from one another, but will leave you smiling no matter how many times they pop up in your feed. Now you may be wondering what these challenges are and how you can take part. We’ll get into that in just a few, but first let’s do a quick dive into the history of the song. Let’s get it (Takeoff voice).

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Hotel Lobby History

Music Video


"Hotel Lobby" TikTok Challenge Number One

"Hotel Lobby" TikTok Challenge Number Two

Once again the TikTok community has done their job in paying respect to a music icon. Long live Takeoff. 

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