How Lil Wayne Achieved Number One Status on TikTok with 2008 Classic "Lollipop"

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Ladies and gentlemen, the number one song on TikTok over these past couple of weeks has been not a newly released song from 2022, but a very popular one that was number one all the way back in 2008. That’s right, “Lollipop,” one of Lil Wayne’s biggest hits to date, is experiencing a resurgence thanks to the likes of the TikTok community making it a challenge. We’ll get into that challenge and how you can take part shortly, but let’s first dive into the back history of the song, and how it became one of the most popular rap tracks of all time.

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If you’ve been following us for a while, then we’ve been talking about the power of TikTok in the music industry for a minute. Back in the day, if an artist wanted to “test out a song,” they would have local disc jockeys play the track in their respective clubs to see how club-goers would respond. If the song got the people going, then you knew you had a hit on your hands.  If not, well it was probably best to go back into the studio and try something else.

Now-a-days, TikTok has essentially become the modern version of the club. If your song pops on TikTok (I.E. Beyonce’s “Cuff It), then you have a hit on your hands. But there’s something else that’s also happening on the platform, old songs are coming back to not just become hits on TikTok, but they are re-entering the charts and gaining new streams due to the younger generations are experiencing the song for the first time because they either weren’t born or are too young to remember when those songs came out, or the “older” generations looking to experience nostalgia.

The latter is the reason why Lil Wayne’s hit “Lollipop” has achieved the number one spot on the platform, along with a general increase in streams across Spotify and Apple Music. And it’s just in time for the fifteenth anniversary of Tha Carter III (“Lollipop” was the lead single), which Wayne will celebrate in June of next year. Here’s a quick history dive into the song, and a look into the challenge.

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The TikTok Challenge

Congrats to one of the GOAT rappers on achieving more success on a song that had already secured its place in history.

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