The 12 Most Underrated Marvel Characters

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The Marvel Universe is one of the most robust and expansive comic-book universes to exist. First founded in 1939, Marvel Comics has over 70,000 characters throughout its history and multiverses, with somewhere around 8,000 staple lead characters. With such an overwhelming roster of caped crusaders to keep track of, there's bound to be a bunch of lesser-known characters that are considered underrated Marvel characters.


From the MCU all the way to the first live-action Marvel movie with Captain America in 1944, we’ve seen some heroes significantly more than others on the big screen. Even when some of our favorite characters make it to the movies, they don’t always get the character arc they deserve. Here is our list of the most underrated Marvel characters we think deserve their roses.

1.) She-Hulk

2.) Brother Voodoo

3.) Silver Surfer

4.) Adam Warlock

5.) Monica Rambeau's Captain Marvel

6.) Cosmo the SpaceDog

7.) Taskmaster

8.) Squirrel Girl

9.) Nova

10.) Magik

11.) Moon Knight

12.) Ant-Man

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