Here Are 7 Weed Strains That Will Help You with Your Creativity

Puff, puff, now get shit done

While some people stick to smoking weed at night as a sleep aid, many turn to pot much earlier in the day—perhaps looking to boost their creativity and productivity. But when it comes to smoking, there’s a fine line between a euphoric, potentially breakthrough-inducing high and, well, the type of high that leads to a deep couch imprint and delivery containers. What dictates this fine line? Simply put, the kind of pot you’re smoking.

On a higher level, pot can typically be broken down into three families: sativas, indicas and hybrids. Sativas are generally lighter highs. Indicas, on the other hand, are heavier—and, for many, more tiring highs. Hybrids are somewhere in the middle. Within these groups, however, there is a multitude of different strains that will have different effects on their users. 

For those specifically looking to boost their creativity after a joint or two, these are some strains you should keep an eye out for.

7. Gucci OG


According to Wikileaf, Gucci OG “begins to take effect fairly quickly and starts with an increase in free-associative thinking,” which goes hand in hand with creativity. At the same time, Gucci OG, a variant of OG Kush, is one of the more potent strains available to smokers with over 30 percent THC content—but it won’t leave users feeling sunken into the couch. 

The only downside to Gucci OG is that it’s tough to find out in the wild. But next time you’re in your local dispensary, it’s worth asking about! 

6. Kali Mist

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Back in April, Uproxx ran a story informing users on how to expand their marijuana palettes and suggested Kali Mist for the strain that’s best for increased creativity. Kali Mist is a 90 percent sativa known to “uplift moods and increase inventiveness” and also “stimulate thought and can be good for clearing the mind.” 

Leafly also says Kali Mist is one of the top strains for creative thought. Leafly describes Kali Mist as earthy, citrusy and woody in flavor, and it’s also known to boost overall productivity for users—and a good choice for those looking for more pain-related medicinal benefits.

5. Candyland

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One strain Grasscity Magazine recommends for increased creativity is a strain called “Candyland.” Candyland was the gold medalist in KushCon 2102, and its pedigree (beyond creative benefits) speaks for itself. According to Grasscity, Candyland is a hybrid spawned from Granddaddy Purple and Platinum Cookies, two heavy-hitting strains.

“Like its parent strains, Candyland is also a sativa-dominant strain that boosts creativity and mood while boasting a sweet taste and unforgettable scent,” Grasscity writes. Candyland is also a solid choice for users who are prone to dry mouth and dry eyes, as the strain doesn’t dry smokers out. Candyland ranks well on Leafly, with a 4.6 rating and recommends the strain for its effectiveness combating depression—as well as creative ruts.

4. Jack Herer

jack herer strain main

Jack Herer is a classic strain, an homage to its namesake, a legendary cannabis rights activist who even ran for president twice—for the Grassroots Party, no pun intended. Jack Herer, a sativa-heavy hybrid, is known to leave users feeling uplifted and creative. 

“Combining a Haze hybrid with a Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk cross,” as explained by Leafly, Jack Herer is also a pretty common strain to find (outside of dispensaries) that is considered a go-to for many smokers.

3. Apple Fritter

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In 2019, I started seeing various “Fritters” pop up around top-shelf dispensaries (and also rap songs), including Cherry Fritter and Berry Fritter, but it’s widely believed that Apple Fritter reigns supreme. To create Apple Fritter, weed scientists crossed the strains of “Sour Apple” and “Animal Cookies.” 

Strapped with 32 percent THC content, Apple Fritter is one of the highest-concentrated THC strains on the market. That being said, it’s not the type of pot that will knock you out on the couch. Instead, it provides a much purer high, which is perfect for doing creative work like writing or painting—I can speak from experience. You can find Fritters at many well-known dispensaries around the country.

2. Lemon Pie

allevi8 super lemon haze 25

We’ve seen already that Snoop Dogg is (obviously) involved in the legal weed game, and if weed-creation is his canvas, then “Lemon Pie” is certainly his masterpiece. When you open up a jar of this stuff, it literally smells like a piece of your favorite diner’s famous lemon cream pie. It’s got a pungent, almost soapy (think lemon Ajax, in a good way), citrus smell, and a smooth high that lends itself well for creative outbursts. 

Considered a sativa (70 percent), Lemon Pie was made by crossing Skunk #1 and Amnesia Haze, and boasts a 22 percent THC content. You can find this strain through Snoop’s own company, “Leafs.”

1. Casey Jones

casey jones

Named after the classic Grateful Dead song, Casey Jones will certainly have you drivin’ that train early in the morning, feeling good. Aptly named, after being crossed by Oriental Express and East Coast Sour Diesel, Casey Jones typically boasts a THC content of around 22 percent and is known to leave users upbeat and rarin’ to go. 

Along with many of the other strains on this list, Casey Jones is a sativa-dominant strain, around 80 percent Sativa, and one of the best strains to smoke before a long day of brewing the creative juices. 

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