Wine of the Year: WineText's Best Wine Deal of 2022

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Jason Koeppel // ONE37pm

The 2022 WineText 'Wine of the Year' deal is almost too good to be true.


Are you searching for gifts for family, friends, co-workers, or even yourself this holiday season? Maybe you’re looking to stock a new wine fridge or cellar that you recently installed in your home. Whatever your wine needs are, right now is the perfect time to get signed up for WineText because you won’t want to miss this ridiculously good value!

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On Wednesday December 14th, WineText will offer their 'Wine of the Year' deal. Every year, their team tastes thousands of wines with the goal of finding the 365 best deals on the planet to offer their customers! Of the ones that make the cut, there are some wines that stand out as being extra spectacular. The best of the best of these standout wines is finally ready to be announced and offered to the public. Want to get involved in this amazing deal? Click here to buy now!!

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Which wine will I receive?

hawk and horse vineyards 2017 cabernet sauvignon
Jason Koeppel // ONE37pm

The 2022 WineText 'Wine of the Year' is Hawk and Horse 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon. This bottle normally retails for $75.

It received double gold 95 points from Women's International Wine Competition and 92 points from Wine Enthusiast. And the best part… you will be able to purchase it for under $30/bottle today only! 

That's over 50% off!

This is the kind of wine we feel the majority of our subscribers will want to buy 6 or 12 bottles of, with many looking for 2 plus cases.  We bought as much as we could but we still don't think it will be enough and expect a sell out quickly!

- Brandon Warnke, WineText

What is WineText and how does it work?

Jason Koeppel // ONE37pm

WineText is a wine delivery service that offers a daily special via text message, and getting in the mix couldn't possibly be any easier.

You simply type in your name, phone number and credit card info on (it takes all of 90 seconds)…and that's pretty much it!

Once you're enrolled, you'll start receiving a daily text message (around 12 p.m. EST) featuring the day's wine deal. If you want to get involved in the special, you simply respond with the number of bottles you'd like to purchase.

Shipping is $9.99 for 4-11 bottles, $14.99 on 2-3 bottles and $19.99 for one bottle. If you order a case (12 bottles) or more, shipping is FREE! Each day's offer lasts until the next day's text goes out (or until the wine sells out).

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