The Best and Worst Halloween Candy According to ONE37pm

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Before I say anything else, candy corn is basically just a wax garnish that should never be eaten, and candy corn pumpkins are a crime to society.

Anyway, now that we have that established, we can officially dive into some sizzling hot takes from our ONE37pm crew, who have collectively gathered up their must-haves and must-throw-outs of the spooky season. So, without further ado, dump out your proverbial pillowcases, and let's have ourselves a hefty discussion about the best and worst Halloween candy of all time.

Best Halloween Candy

1. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

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Forget just Halloween candy. When talking about the best candy in general, we only talk about the undisputed GOAT: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

Getting a two-pack of Reese's when I was Trick or Treating was always the highlight of any Halloween. I even remember one year when one house passed out the King Size version of the candy, and not to be dramatic, but it was probably the greatest night of my life.

What's not to love about Reese's? It's chocolate, and it's peanut butter; hard to beat that combo. I apologize to anyone allergic to peanuts, but I'm sorry to say you're missing out.

-Conor Sheeran, Managing Editor

2. Snickers

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Although I can't technically eat these anymore because I've developed a minor peanut allergy over the years, nothing beats opening up your trick-or-treating pillowcase at the end of the night and finding a slew of mini Snickers bars hanging at the bottom. I don't even care that the wrappers look hella dusty 90 percent of the time: I'm still more than willing to grab a Benadryl and obliterate a handful of Snickers bars.

-Elizabeth Pagano, Staff Writer, Popular Culture

3. Laffy Taffy (Except for Banana and Grape)

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I'm officially at the age where Dad jokes make me laugh uncontrollably in public to the point where my fellow New Yorkers adhere to the slogan of, "when you see something, say something."

I think my whole infatuation with cornball humor started with all those jokes plastered onto the wrappers for Laffy Taffy candies. The bad jokes slap, and so does the candy itself. As far as fave flavors go, Sour Apple, Strawberry, and Blue Raspberry are God-tier.

Banana and Grape, though? Putrid! Getting a whole handful of those in your Trick or Treat bag is akin to getting that small bag of pennies the old lady next door gives out to all the kids.

-Elton Jones, Lead Editor, Gaming

4. Baby Ruth

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Let's be honest: if there's a single most underrated candy on the planet, it's Baby Ruth. It gets NO respect, and I'm here to change that.

They f***ing SLAP! Chocolate-covered peanuts, caramel, and nougat—the holy trinity of candy. It's a must that you stick it in the freezer to optimize its deliciousness. Bonus points for the fact that I'm a Mets fan and famed Yankee Babe Ruth never made a penny off of this wonderful candy stealing his name.

-Jason Koeppel, Lead Editor, Sports

5. Nerds Ropes

Worst Halloween Candy

1. Candy Buttons

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I'm not totally sure who was responsible for the idea of creating Candy Buttons, but their judgment needs to be called into question. Other than Candy Corn, there was no worse feeling as a kid than getting Candy Buttons put into your Trick or Treating bag/pillowcase/candy receptacle/etc.

While they claim to have flavor, that all was gone by the time you managed to pry them off of the paper they are attached to. Half the time, you'd also get a little piece of paper stuck on the candy too! Candy Buttons are below the lowest tiers of candy and need to be banished from all Halloween rotations.

-Conor Sheeran, Managing Editor

2. Smarties

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Here's the thing about Smarties: no one ever goes out of their way to buy them—they just…appear.

So, not only do Smarties taste like chalky medicine but there's also a major mystery surrounding their origins. Basically, I'm calling on the FBI to investigate how we all collectively keep acquiring these things without ever actually purchasing them.

-Elizabeth Pagano, Staff Writer, Popular Culture

3. Tootsie Rolls

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I actually used to love these as a kid; the generous folks next door used to bless me with at least 10 of these things every Halloween. But as I got into my teens, I totally lost my love for them. The fact that my taste buds finally wised up and realized they tasted like nothing but straight wrappers made me flip on them so hard.

These and the Tootsie Fruit Chews make my stomach turn, and whenever someone used to hand them to me on Halloween, I made sure to warn the whole neighborhood about their horrible taste in Halloween candy handouts. I'd rather get a stick of Juicy Fruit gum than be handed a whole bag of garbage-tier Tootsie rolls.

-Elton Jones, Lead Editor, Gaming

4. Necco Wafers

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Halloween is possibly the most wonderful of all the holidays. Nothing says "I can't wait to smoke this bowl" more than a bunch of people dressed up like monsters knocking on your door looking for free candy. 

As a 43-year-old, I might get the police called on me if I tried to trick or treat, so my Halloween candy joy comes from buying way more candy than necessary and eating the leftovers. 

But when I was a kid, I was the mayor of my block on Halloween, and if you gave me either of these two items on the following list of disgusting candy, you might wake up to find your house covered in toilet paper.

First up, Necco Wafers.

Kids nowadays may not have even heard of these, but Necco Wafers have been around since the 1800s and are basically large, flat, crunchy, chewable Pepto Bismol.

I'd rather eat drywall. 

-Jason Koeppel, Lead Editor, Sports

5. Candy Corn

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I can't even describe what candy corn tastes like, but it's basically chewy and stiff at the same time and looks like a f***ing traffic cone. Hand me a pack of these and you have now graduated from getting your house TP'd to getting it egged.

-Jason Koeppel, Lead Editor, Sports

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