Ranking The Top 15 Biggest Award Snubs In NBA History

Snubs for NBA MVP, Rookie of the Year and more.

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The NBA has quickly become one of the most popular professional sports leagues in the world, and players are being compensated handsomely because of it. While some players main goal is to win a championship, others have their attention on yearly awards. From the MVP to Rookie of the Year, every end of the season award is a massive honor in the NBA, helping to cement the legacies of some of the best players in NBA history. However, sometimes the voters get it wrong and we end up with an award snub. These are the 15 biggest award snubs in NBA history.

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All stats and facts from BasketballReference.

15. 2002-03 Rookie Of The Year Race

14. 1969-70 MVP Race

13. 2011-12 MVP Race

12. 2004-05 Most Improved Player Race

11.) 1998-99 MVP Race

10. 1963-64 MVP Race

9. 1989-1990 MVP Race

8. 2001-02 MVP Race

7. 2007-08 MVP Race

6. 2018-19 MVP Race

5. 1977-78 MVP Race

4. 1972-73 MVP Race

3. 2005-06 MVP Race

2. 1996-97 MVP Race

1. 1961-62 MVP Race

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