The 30 Best Baseball Nicknames Ever

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So you're wondering what some of the best baseball nicknames of all-time are? There are quite a few good ones out there, but I think 30 rank above the rest! Before we get in to it, let's talk about the sport itself.

Baseball is one of the most important parts of the history in American popular culture. Coined 'America's Pastime', it has been played since the late 1830's. The game has seen some massive overhauls and significant changes to rules, equipments, and overall skill over time.

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The pinnacle of professional baseball is Major League Baseball. The league has been up and running since 1901 and has produced some of the most iconic athletes known to man. Because of the decades of incredible players who came along, the laundry list of nicknames for these players outranks any sports. From the 1900's to the 2020's, here are my 30 best baseball nicknames.

1. The Great Bambino

2. Mr. October

3. Mr. Cub

4. Yogi Berra

5. Crime Dog

6. Shoeless Joe Jackson

7. The Flying Dutchman

8. The Wizard of Oz

9. The Mad Hungarian

10. Spaceman

11. Catfish

12. The Say-Hey Kid

13. Fat Elvis

14. Junior

15. Rollie

16. The Georgia Peach

17. The Hebrew Hammer

18. The Splendid Splinter

19. Doc

20. Big Train

21. Oil Can

22. Mr. Tiger

23. The Tabasco Kid

24. The Yankee Clipper

25. The Greek God of Walks

26. Shotime

27. Kung Fu Panda

28. Iron Horse

29. El Guapo

30. Vlad the Impaler

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