The Best Men's Running Pants on Amazon

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Going on a run is a hard enough task as it is. But even once you’re motivated and in the routine of running, if you don’t have the right clothing on then you’re only making things more difficult for yourself. No need to stress, because we’ve compiled a list of some of the best men’s running pants around.

How to pick the best men’s running pants for you

  • Consider material – This is such an important thing to consider, because it will affect key things like breathability, water resistance, moisture wicking and even how long your pants will last. Consider what conditions you think you’ll run in and buy accordingly.
  • Consider features – This basically means that you should decide whether you want a drawstring or not and whether you think you will need more than a couple of pockets. Also, do you want the pockets zipped? Perhaps you want reflective gear.
  • Consider style – Whether you’re going to be running on a treadmill often or are going for a run outside, no one wants to get strange looks because their sportswear looks out of place. While this doesn’t directly affect the technical aspect of your workout, feeling good means doing good. 

1. Runhit Compression Pants

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Top Pick

These men’s running pants from Runhit are compression pants, which have a huge set of benefits over track pants. They are generally believed to improve muscle oxygenation remove lactic acid faster, although some of this is up for debate. Either way, feeling like you have less weight on you while running is certainly an advantage. Despite how they hug your legs, there is a pocket that’s big enough to hold a large smartphone, which might not be enough for some but will cover most. They’re made of 88% polyester and 12% spandex, which means they’re elastic and durable. The fabric also dries quickly. Keep in mind that the material is quite thin, so you might feel the cold in them.


  • Phone pocket
  • Durable and stretchy
  • Dries quickly


  • Thin material
Buy now, $17.98 - $29.99

2. BROKIG Men's Thigh Mesh Gym Jogger Pants

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Best Design

These sweatpants from BROKIG are 65% cotton and 35% polyester, which makes them breathable and soft. The mesh on the inner thigh will cool you down in the heat and the overall thickness of the fabric means you can wear these in the cold without worrying. There’s a zipped pocket so you can carry something valuable without worrying and there are also ankle zippers for extra versatility. In terms of design, these look great too. In addition, they’re available in a few different colors too. Just keep in mind that the sizing can differ a little more than desired depending on the color and you might not get the slim look in your usual size.


  • Breathable but warm material
  • Zipped pocket and ankles
  • Great look


  • Sizing can be off
Buy now, $27.95 - $32.88

3. Rapoo Men's Workout Athletic Pants

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Most Flexible

These athletic pants by Rapoo are 92% polyester and 8% spandex, making them quite stretchy and ensuring full flexibility while running. There are two pockets with zippers and two invisible pockets on the back. On the fabric is a durable water repellent finish to mitigate the effects of weather and even stains, but do keep in mind that these are far from waterproof if you think you’ll run while it’s raining. They’re very lightweight, but of course that can also mean that you’ll get cold easier with them.


  • Allow full flexibility
  • Light in weight


  • Not waterproof
Buy now, $21.99

4. TSLA Men's Thermal Pants

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Great For Running In The Dark

These TSLA pants are made specifically for outdoor activities, so you know they’re durable and will keep you warm on a run. They’re thermal and windproof with a fleece layer on the inside which provides warmth. The elastic drawstrings make for a snug fit and there are deep pockets for your items too. In addition to all of this, there are thin reflective strips on the side of each leg, so that if you run in the early hours of the morning or late at night when it’s dark, you’re that little bit safer. If you find that you sweat a lot in general, these might not be the best for you because they’re not especially breathable.


  • Will keep you warm
  • Deep pockets
  • Reflective strips


  • Not breathable
Buy now, $32.98

5. ZENGVEE Athletic Men's Sweatpants

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Also Consider

These running pants by ZENGVEE are made entirely from polyester, so they’re great if comfort is your priority. The moisture wicking means that if you sweat, the pants will work to get the moisture away and keep your pants dry as possible. The legs aren’t too skinny or tapered, so if you like a looser fit, these are for you. Be aware that the fit can be an issue for some, when it comes to waist size and the length of the pants, so do some research before you buy.


  • Comfortable
  • Moisture wicking
  • Loose fit


  • Sizing can be off
Buy now, $26.99
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