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Hey Yo! It's The Wrestling Classic here with another list for ONE37pm. And this one's all about showing all my love and adoration for the best Scott Hall matches of all time.

A few months back on March 14, 2022, we lost one of the most important and popular wrestlers in the business, Scott Hall. I wanted to write this article for a while now and I am glad I am finally getting to it. Although he started his wrestling career in 1984, my first exposure to Hall was when he made his debut in the WWE as Razor Ramon. He oozed machismo and was the personification of cool. He would go on to shake up the wrestling world when he jumped to WCW along with his Kliq brother Kevin Nash as one of the founding fathers of the “New World Order.”

He is remembered for mannerisms like flicking the toothpick and the way he would point at one of his comrades. Fans will always remember his promos such as the survey he would do on WCW television, his vignettes before debuting as Razor Ramon, his simple yet significant Hall of Fame speech, or just how he would start talking with a “Hey Yo!” However, he was also a tremendous wrestler. I thought I would make a list of my favorite Scott Hall/Razor Ramon matches for anyone who wants to go back down memory lane with “The Bad Guy.”

Honorable Mentions

King of the Ring - 06/13/93

Razor Ramon vs. Bret “The Hitman” Hart

Raw - 10/11/93

Intercontinental Championship

Razor Ramon vs. Rick Martel

King of the Ring - 06/19/94

Razor Ramon vs. Owen Hart

Raw - 08/01/94

Razor Ramon vs. Shawn Michaels

Action Zone - 10/30/94

Razor Ramon & 1-2-3 Kid vs. Shawn Michaels & Diesel

Fall Brawl - 09/15/96

War Games

Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, NWO Sting & Hollywood Hogan vs. Ric Flair. Lex Luger, Arn Anderson & Sting

Halloween Havoc - 10/27/96

WCW Tag Team Championship

Scott Hall & Kevin Nash vs. Harlem Heat

Slamboree - 05/18/97

Scott Hall, Kevin Nash & Syxx vs. Ric Flair, Roddy Piper & Kevin Greene

Clash of Champions - 08/21/97

WCW Tag Team Championship

Scott Hall & Randy Savage vs. Lex Luger & DDP

Souled Out - 01/17/99

Stun Gun Ladder Match

Scott Hall vs. Bill Goldberg

Superbrawl - 02/21/99

Scott Hall & Kevin Nash vs. Rey Mysterio & Konnan

Raw - 03/11/02

Scott Hall, Kevin Nash & Hollywood Hogan vs. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin & The Rock

Wrestlemania X8 - 03/17/02

Scott Hall vs. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

10. Razor Ramon vs. 1-2-3 Kid (Raw - 05/17/93)

9. Razor Ramon & Ric Flair vs. “Macho Man” Randy Savage & Mr. Perfect (Survivor Series - 11/25/92)

IMG 0304

The match was originally supposed to be the Ultimate Maniacs which was the team of Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage against Flair and Ramon. However, the Warrior had left the WWE before the match took place and Mr. Perfect would replace him. This made sense because Perfect had been an ally to Ric Flair for most of 1992 as his “executive consultant” but he turned babyface to team with Savage.

This was Ramon's first big brush with top names in the company and they were all in their prime. It wasn’t the main event but was stacked with star power. The match ended in DQ after multiple referee bumps but this match proved that The Bad Guy was ready to hang with the big names.  

8. Razor Ramon vs. Owen Hart (WWF Intercontinental Championship, Raw - 01/09/95)

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This under-appreciated classic took place on Monday Night Raw. These two had history wrestling in the finals of the King of the Ring in 1994 where Owen Hart picked up the victory with an assist from Jim Neidhart. Fans anticipated the rematch because they had great chemistry with each other. This match went a little longer than their King of the Ring match and was a bit more competitive.

The fans were really invested in the match and having Shawn Michaels on commentary gave us a unique perspective because he had his own history with Ramon. Both men would look strong at the end and it almost seemed as if Owen had won the match when he had Ramon in the sharpshooter but Bret Hart would run in to cause a DQ.

7. Razor Ramon vs. Diesel (WWF Intercontinental Championship, Summerslam - 08/29/94)


The feud between Razor Ramon and Shawn Michaels was at an all-time high in 1994. Following their ladder match at Wrestlemania X, The Bad Guy lost the Intercontinental Championship to the Heartbreak Kid’s bodyguard, Diesel. A rematch was set for Summerslam between the two but the odds were still stacked against Ramon as long as Michaels was in Diesel’s corner. Razor was able to even the odds when he secured Walter Payton, the Hall of Fame running back for the Bears and arguably the greatest player in NFL history, as back-up.

This match was better than anyone was expecting which further proved the Kliq members always worked better with each other. The shenanigans with Michaels and Payton outside of the ring added to the drama. It would be a Sweet Chin Music from HBK inadvertently hitting Diesel that would allow Ramon to regain the championship.

This one's a definite highlight in Razor’s career.

6. Razor Ramon vs. Jeff Jarrett (WWF Intercontinental Championship, Royal Rumble - 01/22/95)


I think a lot of us grew up not liking Jeff Jarrett because he was so good at being unlikable and obnoxious. However looking back at his matches now, he was a really good in-ring performer. The matches he had with Razor Ramon for the Intercontinental Championship always had great in-ring psychology. The match at the Royal Rumble was the tale of two matches. Double J would focus on The Bad Guy’s knee and with the help of the Roadie they would pick up a count-out victory.

This wouldn’t sit well with Jarrett who would taunt Ramon to return to the ring to retain his championship with honor. Ramon wouldn’t back down to a fight and the match was restarted. The attack on the knee would seem to be too much because he wouldn’t be able to hit the Razor’s Edge and Jarrett would win the title.

5. Scott Hall vs. Sting (WCW World Heavyweight Championship, Uncensored - 03/15/98)


Many of us fans consider Scott Hall to be one of the most popular and deserving legends to have never won a World Championship. The odd thing about it was that in both WWF and WWE, Hall never really got World Title match opportunities. Therefore when he won the World War 3 Battle Royal in 1997 to earn a shot at the championship at a later date, it was exciting.

He would also be facing the Stinger who was red hot off his year-long feud with the NWO in 1997 and his matches with Hollywood Hogan for the World Championship. It wasn’t a long match but Hall made it unpredictable with all the stuff he pulled out to try to win such as brass knucks and even Dusty Rhodes getting involved. Sting would retain but it was a valiant effort by Hall in one of his only title shots.

This bout sticks out as the most memorable clash whenever the best Scott Hall matches are mentioned.

4. Scott Hall, Kevin Nash & Hulk Hogan vs. “Macho Man” Randy Savage, Sting & Lex Luger (Bash at the Beach - 07/07/96)


When Scott Hall came through the crowd on Monday Night Raw’s rival show Monday Nitro in the middle of a match to declare war on WCW, it changed the game. Soon after Kevin Nash would show up as an ally of Scott Hall declaring war on WCW. They were dubbed the Outsiders and they were reeking as much havoc as they could to WCW. They got the match they wanted against three of WCW’s top stars in Sting, Lex Luger, and Randy Savage but nobody knew who The Outsiders' third man would be.

When it was revealed that Hulk Hogan was that third man turning against the fans for the first time since the mid-1980s, it shook the foundation of the wrestling world. This only worked the way it did because Hogan was aligned with Hall and Nash. The fans were so angry they were literally throwing trash in the ring. The match was dramatic and one of the most iconic nights in the business.

3. Razor Ramon vs. Bret “The Hitman” Hart (WWF Championship, Royal Rumble - 01/24/93)

2. Razor Ramon vs. Shawn Michaels (Ladder Match for the WWF Intercontinental Championship, Summerslam - 08/27/95)

1. Razor Ramon vs. Shawn Michaels (WWF Intercontinental Championship, WrestleMania X - 03/20/94)

razor ramon shawn michaels wrestlemania 10

Although it wasn’t the first ladder match that happened in the WWE, it’s the first one majority of fans remember because it happened on the biggest stage of the year. Shawn Michaels was stripped of the Intercontinental Championship in late 1993. Razor Ramon would be crowned the new champion after winning a battle royal and defeating Rick Martel.

Shawn Michaels wouldn’t recognize that there was a new champion, therefore the solution was a ladder match between the two to declare the Undisputed Intercontinental Champion. This was an innovative match and something fresh for the WWE. To see the two men using the ladder as a weapon, Shawn Michaels performing a splash off the ladder and all the other spots were ahead of their time in 1994. It was nothing the audience had witnessed before and many believe it stole the show.

You just have to mention this pioneering bout as being near the top of the list for the best Scott Hall matches.

I hope you all enjoyed this list of the 10 best Scott Hall matches. Tell me if you disagree and let me know what you think over social media. Ya dig? Oooh Yeah!

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