Biggest Comeback In NCAA Basketball Championship

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Wondering who had the biggest comeback in NCAA basketball championship history? Let's dive in to it!

March Madness has been a beloved American tradition for decades, and we all have fond memories of watching the tournament with family and friends. Every selection Sunday we eagerly fill out our brackets in the hopes of becoming the first person to craft a perfect bracket.

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One of the most fun aspects of March Madness is watching the intense crunch time at the end of games. March is jam-packed with buzzer beaters, game winning blocks, and everything in between. There have been some incredible rallies throughout the tournament's history you'd have to see to believe.

Here are the biggest comebacks in NCAA basketball championship history.

Kansas vs. UNC 2022 - 16 point comeback

Notable Comebacks In Earlier Rounds of March Madness

BYU vs. Iona 2012 - 25 point comeback

Duke vs. Maryland 2001 - 22 point comeback

Nevada vs. Cincinnati 2018 - 22 point comeback

Louisville vs. West Virginia 2005 - 20 point comeback

Which of the games on my biggest comeback in NCAA basketball championship history list were you watching live as it unfolded? Shoot us a tweet @137pm and let us know!

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