Dancing In March: What College Has The Most NCAA Basketball Championships?

The most March Madness wins in the tournament's history

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So you're wondering which college has won the most NCAA basketball championships? Let's get in to it!

There are no two greater words to sports fans than 'March Madness'. Whether you're a college basketball mega-fan, or a casual viewer who likes to join their office's bracket pool, the annual NCAA Tournament is something we all collectively have at least a little interest in (some of us, a lot). There is no bigger prize in college basketball than an NCAA basketball Championship, and maybe nothing else quite like it in all of college sports. In its current form, 68 college basketball teams enter March Madness competing in a single-elimination tournament culminating in the National Championship game. Teams can hear their names called out on Selection Sunday by either winning their conference or receiving at-large bids based on their regular-season performance. Once the tournament starts, the goals become much bigger than just making the "big dance".

From unpredictable outcomes, buzzer-beaters, and of course, Cinderella stories of underdog teams upsetting higher-ranked opponents, March Madness is a beloved American college sport tradition. The 2024 NCAA tournament is set to start on March 19, and in preparation, let's take a look at the schools with the most national titles.

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So which college has the most NCAA basketball championships? You're about to find out!

Schools with Two National Championships

8. Villanova University

3 National Championships

7. University of Kansas

4 National Championships

6. University of Connecticut

5 National Championships

5. Indiana

5 National Championships

4. Duke

5 National Championships

3. North Carolina

6 National Championships

2. Kentucky

8 National Championships


11 National Championships

Which school on our list of who won the most NCAA basketball championships surprises you the most? Shoot us a message on Twitter @137pm and let us know!

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