Brea Beal: The Superstar Athlete With Big Plans For the Future

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Brea Beal. Walking Bucket. South Carolina Gamecocks superstar. And now, a commissioned artist. Beal’s rise to being one of the top players in the nation has been well documented over the course of these past several years, dating back to her high school days at Rock Island High where her some of her major accomplishments were winning Illinois Gatorade Player of the Year and Illinois Miss Basketball twice, a first-team All-American recognition from the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association, playing in the McDonald’s All-American Game and Jordan Brand Classic, and finishing her career there as the all-time leading scorer in the Western Big 6 Conference. 

With her campaign launching tomorrow, November 16th, we caught up with Beal to talk hoops, the campaign, who she is off the court and more.

ONE37pm: So nice to be chatting with you Brea! Congratulations on your senior year which is already gearing up to be super exciting. What have you been up to this off-season?

Beal: I was really just taking in the championship! I’ve also been working for this upcoming season and I would say that’s been about it!

ONE37pm: Okay, so one of the things that you have been working on is this collaboration with Lids. Your campaign drops on the 16th. Could you tell us more about that?

Beal: I was able to work hand-in-hand with Lids by going to the actual store to design a hat that really describes me. The Lids team really listened to my thoughts and how I felt about my personality on and off the court. They were really able to put it onto the hat which I thought was pretty cool!

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ONE37pm:  Now let’s talk about your design. I’m somebody who likes to try to figure out the deeper meanings in artwork. From first glance, it looks like this is showing you and the different elements to your personality, and we see you have two different hairstyles. You tend to wear two buns while on the court, so is this an interpretation of you in real life versus you on the court? 

Beal: Yes! Especially incorporating the pink colors, the nails, and things like that because I feel that is what describes me. Lids did a good job capturing that, and I think if the people that know me see it, they’ll also agree that it fits the description of who I am. 

ONE37pm: What made you specifically choose this design concept and how long did it take you to complete?

Beal: I would say it took me about a week or so. Thanks to Klutch allowing the collaboration, they were able to help me as well in terms of making it easier to figure out my designs and what makes me who I am. That sped up the process as well. It made me sit down a little while and think.

ONE37pm: Is art something you have always enjoyed?

Beal: I used to draw a lot in the past, but I would say with basketball these past few years I haven’t really had the time. When I do have the time, I like to draw, sketch, and even write. It takes the stress off you, so I do enjoy art.

ONE37pm: Anything else you want the world to know about Bria Beal?

Beal: She may be very quiet on the court, but she is also very outgoing. I always tell people that I try to be a comedian whether you think I’m funny or not. I just like to have laughs around people that are fun and like to enjoy the time outside of their work or sport that they play.

It’s only the beginning for Brea Beal. You can keep up with all of her latest updates via Instagram

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