Carlos Condit on Fight Island, His Early MMA Days, and What's Ahead

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When you look at the history of the UFC, and at greater scale MMA in general, there are certain fighters that are etched into your memory. They are as part of the brand as the voices you hear and the logos you see. 

Carlos Condit was and is a massive part of the UFC. He just captured his second consecutive victory at Fight Island , this time over Matt “The Immortal” Brown. 

The former UFC interim champion sat down with Bo Templin for an episode of In the Fight.

Fight Island

Condit is notorious for entering the arena to Rage Against the Machine. It is part of his lure, and the music is forever affiliated with the Natural Born Killer for so many fight fans. 

ONE37pm: I have a confession to make. I just want to be open, transparent, and honest. I have not listened to a whole lot of Rage Against The Machine in my life. But help me, give me some guidance. Where do I start? What album? Am I hitting the heavy bag, going on a run, or getting a lift in? What is the ultimate Rage Against the Machine scenario? 

Condit: “Oh man. There are a lot of layers, my friend. If you wanna get amped and use it for adrenaline, you can do that. There is a lot of depth. Maybe just start with the first album, which is Evil Empire? There is not a bad album. Just dive right in.

Been Around The Block

The Early Days

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