ONE37pm Catches Up With Tennis Star Coco Gauff

We caught up with the star following The French Open

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Coco Gauff just finished up an amazing run at the French Open this past weekend where she appeared in both singles and doubles matches. Currently, the youngest player ranked in the top 100, Gauff has been making waves in the tennis world now for quite a few years, with notable achievements such as: becoming the youngest singles title-holder at the Linz Open at 15-years-old, the No. 1 junior in the world at the 2018 French Open, and of course, reaching her first major singles final at this year’s French Open.

The lucky winners/holders of the NFT collection will receive access to a Q&A on a social media platform with Coco, where they will have the opportunity to vote on an outfit for Coco to wear to an upcoming tournament this summer. And holders of all three will get a signed print and a gift card to watch her live in the future.

Big things are on the way for Gauff, and we caught up with the young superstar for a chat this past week.

ONE37pm: Hi Coco! Congratulations on your incredible run at the French Open! How was that experience for you?

Gauff: Thank you! I love playing in Paris at the French Open. I had a lot of fun and I am very proud of myself for making it to my first Grand Slam final. These past two weeks gave me more confidence and I am excited to continue the momentum. 

ONE37pm: Also major congrats on your new NFT collection with Autograph! How has the experience been working with the Autograph team? 

Gauff:  I am excited to be launching my first collection with Autograph and joining an amazing group of next gen athletes and talent in the Web3 world. It has been easy and fun to collaborate with Autograph to create and bring to life my ideas. Not only will my fans be able to purchase my NFT collection, but I am excited to be offering utilities that will allow Collectors in possession of one of my NFTs to have the chance to vote on an outfit for one of my upcoming tournaments. 

ONE37pm: What are some of the other business endeavors that you are working on right now that you can share with us?  

Gauff:  I have some exciting things with New Balance coming out closer to the US Open which I can’t wait to share! 

ONE37pm: What’s in the immediate future for you? What are your plans for the summer? 

Gauff:  I will be in Europe and the UK through mid-July playing the grass court swing ending with Wimbledon and then I will get some rest at home before starting the US hard court swing. I am always excited to be on home soil and play tennis in front of my US fans. 

You can keep up with Coco via Instagram.

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