ONE37pm Speaks To HydroTruck Radom's Anthony Ireland

We caught up with the athlete to discuss the latest happenings in his career

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Anthony Ireland

When it comes to basketball, it’s all about the love of the game. That love is what has motivated Anthony Ireland through the course of his career. The Loyola Marymount alumni officially started his professional playing career in 2014 and has played for clubs Élan Chalon, Arkadikos, Benfica, and more. Ireland signed to HydroTruck Radom in May 2021, and like many athletes in all sports, has continued to grow his game despite the course of this difficult pandemic. Checking in from Poland, we caught up with Ireland this week to discuss his season with HydroTruck Radom so far.

ONE37pm: Thanks so much for your time Anthony! How has this season been so far with HydroTruck?

Ireland: I’ve been here now for five months, and this is my eighth season as a veteran. There’s been highs and lows that come with the territory of being a professional athlete. There have been a lot of successes in my career which have been great! As far as this year goes, of course, there have been challenges with COVID, but overall it has been a great resume booster. 

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Anthony Ireland / Anthony Ireland

ONE37pm: Could you walk us through what it means to be an overseas athlete?

Ireland: Obviously it’s a great experience, but there are parts that can take a toll on you as well. It takes you away from your family, and there are a lot of sacrifices that you have to make as well. Mentally it can take a toll as well because you are by yourself and having to adjust to being in another country. It’s a grind! You’ve got to adjust to the language barrier too. However, being overseas has also allowed me to discover peace as I am a mostly introverted person. I’ve been discovering myself and diving deep in terms of my passions which is the best part. It’s a blessing to be able to travel the world.

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