Major League Pickleball: Johnson Siblings Battle in Columbus

(Twitter: @MajorLeaguePB)

You’ve probably heard by now that pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America, but you might still be wondering why? On the surface level, the game of pickleball seems elementary. A tennis-ping pong hybrid on a short court with a ball that doesn’t bounce as much? What’s exciting about that?

It’s impossible to know the actual skill level it takes to be great at a game without playing, and I can assure you 99% of people who call pickleball lame or easy have never played the game. After sitting in for the second full day of Major League Pickleball Columbus, my perspective on the sport, and Major League Pickleball in general, has completely been flipped. 

After a jam-packed day of group and bracket play, our semi-final matchups have been set. Here are the results from the quarter-finals as well as group play from Saturday at MLP Columbus.



What To Look For Tomorrow

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