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Have you ever seen an NFL prospect and thought to yourself, this is going to be the next great star athlete? What if you could invest in that belief you had in a player, with profits that you can cash out at any point in their career? Thanks to Mojo, a stock market made up of athletes, you can! 

Because the world of gambling has become more and more present in our everyday lives, it has pushed some of the most innovative people in the tech and business space to evolve the form of entertainment into something more. Here is how Mojo is paving the way for future sports investments.

How Did Mojo Start?

What Is Mojo?

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The Platform Mojo allows you to invest in your favorite NFL players by staking shares in them. Each player’s market price will move based on their in-game performances. For everyone 10 yards or 1st down that the player is a part of, the price increases by $0.01. For every touchdown or 40+ yard play, the price will increase by $0.02. Things such as turnovers or sacks will lead to a decrease in the players share price. 

Mojo uses the career stats of every NFL player to determine what a future share price might be for a player once they retire. For example, Tom Brady has banked $164.03 through his statistics thus far in his career. He is projected to add another $6.48 worth of stats, which would put him at $170.51 at the end of his career. If you had a share of Tom Brady on the mojo app when he retires, you will be paid out whatever the price of his stock is at when he retires.

Go Short or Go Long

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