The Most Rushing Yards by a Quarterback in a Single Season

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Beyond their pivotal role as passers, it's become commonplace for young, fast quarterbacks to showcase their speed and athleticism by rushing the ball on their own.

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Having the ability to run with the ball adds an extra dimension to offensive play-calling that can be a huge asset for the team’s offense. Since not all quarterbacks are as suited to run than others, it clearly provides a unique advantage. 

Here are the quarterbacks that have recorded the most rushing yards in a single season:

1. Lamar Jackson (2019)

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  • Rushing Yards: 1,206
  • Team: Baltimore Ravens

When Lamar Jackson entered the NFL in 2018, it quickly became clear that he had an unparalleled strength as a quarterback who could run with the ball. In 2019, Jackson scored seven rushing touchdowns and ran for an average of 80 yards per game. The Ravens’ quarterback record-breaking season led Baltimore to a 14-2 record and a first place finish in the AFC North.

2. Justin Fields (2022)

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  • Rushing Yards: 1,143
  • Team: Chicago Bears

Justin Fields’ athleticism made him a standout in college football as quarterback of Ohio State, so it was no surprise that his playing style in his early years in the NFL has embraced his ability to run with the ball.

In 2022, just his second season in the league and first as the official starting quarterback of the Bears, Fields averaged 76.2 rushing yards per game and scored eight rushing touchdowns.

3. Michael Vick (2006)

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  • Rushing Yards: 1039
  • Team: Atlanta Falcons

In 2006, Michael Vick became the first quarterback to rush for over 1,000 yards. Vick has the fastest recorded 40-yard dash of any quarterback to play in the NFL, and this speed was one of his biggest assets as a player.

4. Lamar Jackson (2020)

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  • Rushing Yards: 1,005
  • Team: Baltimore Ravens

Jackson’s 2020 season became the second time that the quarterback recorded over 1,000 rushing yards – and he did it in back to back seasons, with his first 1000 rushing yard season recorded in 2019. He recorded seven rushing touchdowns, including one in their wildcard playoff win, in which he recorded 136 rushing yards.

5. Bobby Douglass (1972)

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  • Rushing Yards: 968
  • Team: Chicago Bears

Bobby Douglass held the record for most rushing yards by a quarterback for 34-years before Michael Vick had his 1000 yard rushing season in 2006.

Douglass ran-in eight touchdowns during the season, which was a good thing since he wasn't the best passer, as evidenced by his lifetime 43% completion percentage.

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