NBA All Star Game MVP: Who Had The Best All Star Game Ever?

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Are you wondering of all the players fortunate enough to have won an NBA All Star Game MVP, who put up the best performance? We have you covered!

There is no better fan-fare filled weekend in professional sports than the NBA's All-Star weekend. What has become a staple for the basketball world, each year for one weekend the best basketball players in the world gather to showcase their three point, dunking, dribbling, and overall abilities on the basketball court.

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The apex of the weekend is the full scale All-Star Game on Sunday where we get to see the best 5 on 5 in the world. There have been some incredible performances throughout the years that earned MVP honors.

Here are the best NBA All Star Game MVP performances.

1. Magic Johnson - 1992

The basketball world was sent into absolute shock when Magic Johnson announced he was HIV positive in 1991 and would be stepping away from the game. Little was known about the disease and if Magic would be able to play again. However, he came back a year later to participate in the NBA All Star game where he scored 25 points and 9 assists en route to a win.

Johnson would go on to play in the Olympics for the "Dream Team" in Barcelona, Spain and staged a brief 32 game comeback with the Lakers in the 1995-96 season.

2. Michael Jordan - 1988

Even before Michael Jordan had won his first NBA championship in 1991, the league feared him. His athleticism, explosiveness, and deadly competitiveness made him a terrifying opponent. In the 1988 All Star game Jordan scored 40 points in a 138-133 win over the West. Notably, Jordan was ball-hogging this game and asserting his dominance as the leagues best.

3. Allen Iverson - 2001

2001 Allen Iverson always found a way to win. Whether it was the postseason or the All-Star Game, Iverson refused to quit.

The East trailed in the fourth quarter of this game by 19 points due to the glaring mismatches the West had in the paint. That didn't matter to Iverson, as he scored 15 of his 25 points in the fourth in an incredible comeback win for the East.

Put some respect on AI's name.

4. Kobe Bryant - 2011

Whenever an NBA All Star is playing the big game in front of their home crowd, something special happens. We saw Anthony Davis break the single game scoring record in front of his former Pelicans fans just a few years back.

In 2011 there was a clear shift in the NBA's landscape with LeBron James ready to take the league over. Kobe Bryant wasn't ready to relinquish that honor, and made it known in the 2011 All Star game at Staples Center. Mamba scored 27 points on 14-26 shooting, grabbing 14 rebounds in the process.

5. Isiah Thomas - 1986

What Isiah Thomas did in 1986 isn't just incredible because of his individual performance, but it's even crazier to look who he did against.

The West had an insanely stacked roster headlined by the Lakers big three of Magic, Kareem, and Worthy. The East trailed 128-121 with a mere 3:50 left in the game, but Thomas willed them back behind a 30 point, 10 assist performance to cement his All-Star Game legacy.

Every Other All Star Game MVP

Kobe Bryant and Bob Pettit are tied with the most All-Star Game MVP's with four each. Pettit and Russell Westbrook are the only players to have won the award in consecutive years.

Here is the full list of All Star game MVP's:

1951: Ed Macauley - Boston Celtics

1952: Paul Arizin - Philadelphia Warriors

1953: George Mikan - Minneapolis Lakers

1954: Bob Cousy - Boston Celtics

1955: Bill Sharman - Boston Celtics

1956: Bob Pettit - St. Louis Hawks

1957: Bob Cousy - Boston Celtics

1958: Bob Pettit - St. Louis Hawks

1959: Elgin Baylor (Minneapolis Lakers) and Bob Pettit (St. Louis Hawks)

1960: Wilt Chamberlain - Philadelphia Warriors

1961: Oscar Robertson - Cincinnati Royals

1962: Bob Pettit - St. Louis Hawks

1963: Bill Russell - Boston Celtics

1964: Oscar Robertson - Cincinnati Royals

1965: Jerry Lucas - Cincinnati Royals

1966: Adrian Smith - Cincinnati Royals

1967: Rick Barry - San Francisco Warriors

1968: Hal Greer - Philadelphia 76er's

1969: Oscar Robertson - Cincinnati Royals

1970: Willis Reed - New York Knicks

1971: Lenny Wilkens - Seattle Supersonics

1972: Jerry West - Los Angeles Lakers

1973: Dave Cowens - Boston Celtics

1974: Bob Lanier - Detroit Pistons

1975: Walt Frazier - New York Knicks

1976: Dave Bing - Washington Bullets

1977: Julius Erving - Philadelphia 76er's

1978: Randy Smith - Buffalo Braves

1979: David Thompson - Denver Nuggets

1980: George Gervin - San Antonio Spurs

1981: Nate Archibald - Boston Celtics

1982: Larry Bird - Boston Celtics

1983: Julius Erving - Philadelphia 76er's

1984: Isiah Thomas - Detroit Pistons

1985: Ralph Sampson - Houston Rockets

1986: Isiah Thomas - Detroit Pistons

1987: Tom Chambers - Seattle Supersonics

1988: Michael Jordan - Chicago Bulls

1989: Karl Malone - Utah Jazz

1990: Magic Johnson - Los Angeles Lakers

1991: Charles Barkley - Philadelphia 76er's

1992: Magic Johnson - Los Angeles Lakers

1993: John Stockton and Karl Malone - Utah Jazz

1994: Scottie Pippen - Chicago Bulls

1995: Mitch Richmond - Sacramento Kings

1996: Michael Jordan - Chicago Bulls

1997: Glen Rice - Charllote Hornets

1998: Michael Jordan - Chicago Bulls

1999: N/A - lockout

2000: Shaquielle O'Neal (Los Angeles Lakers) and Tim Duncan (San Antonio Spurs)

2001: Allen Iverson - Philadelphia 76er's

2002: Kobe Bryant - Los Angeles Lakers

2003: Kevin Garnett - Minnesota Timberwolves

2004: Shaquille O'Neal - Los Angeles Lakers

2005: Allen Iverson - Philadelphia 76er's

2006: LeBron James - Cleveland Cavaliers

2007: Kobe Bryant - Los Angeles Lakers

2008: LeBron James - Cleveland Cavaliers

2009: Kobe Bryant (Los Angeles Lakers) and Shaquille O'Neal (Phoenix Suns)

2010: Dwyane Wade - Miami Heat

2011: Kobe Bryant - Los Angeles Lakers

2012: Kevin Durant - Oklahoma City Thunder

2013: Chris Paul - Los Angeles Clippers

2014: Kyrie Irving - Cleveland Cavaliers

2015: Russell Westbrook - Oklahoma City Thunder

2016: Russell Westbrook - Oklahoma City Thunder

2017: Anthony Davis - New Orleans Pelicans

2018: LeBron James - Cleveland Cavaliers

2019: Kevin Durant - Golden State Warriors

2020: Kawhi Leonard - Los Angeles Clippers

2021: Giannis Antetokounmpo - Milwaukee Bucks

2022: Stephen Curry - Golden State Warriors

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