8 NCAA Women's Players To Watch in The 2022 March Madness Tournament

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We’re finally here everyone. What an exciting season this has been! The first-round matchups are set, and now it’s time for the stars to shine their brightest. As you all know, March Madness is when lives are changed and careers are made.

The ante is upped, and the competition is intensified in a scenario where it is win or go home. While nobody knows for sure what will happen, we do know a few players who have made splashes this season. Sticking with our bracket theme, here’s our “Elite 8.”

1. Aliyah Boston

2. Nalyssa Smith

3. Paige Bueckers

4. Caitlin Clark

5. Ayoka Lee

6. Rhyne Howard

7. Cameron Brink

8. Haley Jones

So who you got? The women’s tournament officially kicks off tomorrow. In the meantime, let’s stock up on our popcorn.

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