How The “Poker Brat” Built His Brand: A Conversation With Phil Hellmuth

(Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images of The Children's Hospital Of Philadelphia)

Phil Hellmuth is undoubtedly one of the greatest poker players of all-time. The most World Series of Poker bracelets at 16, $25 million+ in winnings, two-time main-event champion, 64 final tables, and 154 WSOP tournament cashes, just to name a few achievements. As the poker world continues to evolve, Hellmuth has stayed at the forefront for nearly 4 decades. This is our conversation with poker legend Phil Hellmuth.

Building Connections In Business

First WSOP Win

Becoming A Bonafide Sports Legend

Bridging Two Generations

What's Next?

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(Phil Hellmuth)

The difference between poker and other professional sports is that your career can go years longer if you can evolve with the playing field and keep your mind right. As Phil Hellmuth enters the next stage in his career, he still sees poker, and being the best at it, his main motivation in life. 

Phil: "I'm 58 and I’m ramping up. I’m like “Honey what’s going on here, how am I ramping up?” Yes, sure I’m probably more excited about poker because right now I'm the all-time great in poker. You don’t want to be the all-time great that fades away, that just shows up. You look back at the last nine months and I have the best results out of anyone in the poker world out of the events that count. Fourteen top 9’s, A 1st and three 2nds at the WSOP. It’s just crazy what I’ve been able to do. You know 5-10 years from now someone else may be the greatest of all time and that’s okay. I’m gonna keep fighting for that, let me put up 24 bracelets and see if somebody can catch that."

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