Sam Mewis and Lynn Williams Debut Season 3 of "Snacks"

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NWSL fans, Snacks is back and better than ever. Your favorite hosts, NWSL champions and Olympic medalists Sam Mewis and Lynn Williams are celebrating their season 3 launch of the show, which is featured exclusively through Just Women’s Sports. For those that are going to be tuning in for the first time this season, Snacks covers life, soccer, and everything in between, giving listeners unprecedented insight into the lives of two of soccer’s biggest stars through candid (and often humorous) conversations with teammates and friends.

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ONE37pm: Thanks for joining us, Sam and Lynn! For those that may be new, could you just explain to us what Snacks is about?

Sam & Lynn: Sure! For those that don’t know, Lynn and I are teammates on the Kansas City Current. As far as Snacks go, Just Women’s Sports gave us the opportunity to connect with soccer fans through a show, and each week we have a guest on. We talk about soccer of course, as well as our personal lives. We have a “real” segment where we talk about serious matters such as race, sexuality, and religion, and it’s all very organic. Then we have a “wild fun” section which is pretty cool. We’ve lived together now for about four years, so these are literally just like the conversations we have on our couch.

ONE37pm: Cool! How has the show evolved over the years?

Sam & Lynn: Snacks was birthed during the height of 2020 during a time when we especially needed to have deep conversations. There were a lot of conversations on race, and it could be very tumultuous with people banging heads. We wanted to show that talking about race doesn’t have to be that way or taboo for that matter.

When it comes to our podcast, we are still in the process of figuring it out, but as we have grown we’ve been able to find our flow. We talk about the ins and outs of soccer, and then we also talk about serious topics such as race and sexuality. It’s really evolved into us finding our flow, and we’ve realized that it doesn’t need to be super rigid. We’ve been able to bring in listeners by just being ourselves.

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ONE37pm: How has it been working with the Just Women’s Sports team?

Sam & Lynn: It’s been incredible! Their founder, Haley Rosen, approached us about the podcast, and it’s been very fun collaborating with them. They’ve been very open-minded, and even when our visions haven’t lined up, we’ve been able to mold this podcast into something that has exceeded all of our expectations.

The producers are equally amazing! They handle all of the bookings and technical things so the only thing we have to do is pretty much show up and record. It’s also awesome to work with a team of all women as they are all so incredible. Just Women’s Sports is providing us a platform to amplify stories for people who may or may not know about soccer. They are giving all women’s sports access, which is something we need more of. 

ONE37pm: We are starting to see a rise of athletes developing their own platforms to tell their stories, interview each other, etc. How important is that for athletes?

Sam & Lynn: Social media has been really helpful in terms of how you tell your own narrative. On our podcast, we have difficult conversations with our guests who are also athletes, and that comfort level is there for us to do that, so the content is more appealing. We trust each other and the community that we’ve built. 

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ONE37pm: Speaking of guests, you guys have had some pretty notable names on the show! How has that been? Is this something you could have imagined when the show first started?

Sam & Lynn: It’s kind of funny because two if you told us four years ago that we would be friends with Megan Rapinoe we wouldn’t have believed it. To say now that she’s our friend is pretty wild. We just asked her one day if she would be on our podcast, and she said yes! It’s kind of funny because in seasons 1 and 2, all of our guests were pretty much our friends.

Now with season three, it’s actually going to be the exact opposite in the sense that we don’t really know our guests that well, so that will also be very fun because we won’t already have that connection.

ONE37pm: So guess that means season 3 will be full of surprises right?

Sam & Lynn: Yes! Expect the unexpected! We’ve already recorded episode one, and we had to pause and have a giggle break! Our best shows are the ones where we ask a question, and then just go off on an unplanned conversation. So yes, definitely expect the unexpected!

You can continue to keep up with both Sam and Lynn on Instagram.

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