Elton's Samoa Joe in AEW Dream Matches

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1. Brody King

brody king aew

The House of Black's cool factor is at an all-time high. Malakai Black, Brody King, and Buddy Matthews have joined forces to fully embrace their dark nature and destroy anyone that chooses to oppose their mission statement. There's gonna come a point where Samoa Joe crosses paths with this cult-like stable and earns the ire of Brody. And I can't wait for that moment to finally happen! Joe and Brody are two big boys that know how to move their weight around and use it to crush their unlucky foes. It's only right that these two get into the ring and shake the very foundation of the arena they just happen to be battling in.

2. Bryan Danielson

Bryan Danielson aew

During Samoa Joe's 645 day reign as the ROH World Champion, he found himself across the ring from the "American Dragon." And as expected, both men left it all in the ring as they produced a crowd-pleasing match that added to their ongoing legacies (here's the link to that match if you haven't seen it already). Now that both wrestlers are making their stay's in AEW, I'm dying to see them run it back. Bryan Danielson has somehow entered the second prime period of his career and I'm highly convinced that he can create even more memorable in-ring magic with Joe. The slap fest between these two could be extra vicious!

3. Buddy Matthews

buddy matthews aew

Once Samoa Joe gets done throwing bombs at Brody King, I wanna see him try his luck against one of the most underrated wrestlers on the scene today. Since being released by WWE, Buddy has proven his worth against some strong competition. His bouts with Kazuchika Okada, Malakai Black, and Ren Narita have proven that WWE made a grave mistake in letting him go. I say put Buddy in the ring with Joe so they can provide further proof that they are two of Tony Khan's best signings. Joe's penchant for brutality and Buddy's mix of power & agility could work wonders for their interactions in the squared circle. I wonder if Buddy's strong enough to get Joe up for a suplex...

4. CM Punk


I want it. And the rest of the wrestling world wants it. Samoa Joe and CM Punk put on a three-match series back in 2004 that's still being talked about fondly (here's the link to the first clash in their trilogy, by the way). I never envisioned a day where both Joe and Punk would end up working for the same wrestling fed, yet here we are. Punk hasn't lost a step since coming back, so I'm ready to see him have another go at the man that gave him his stiffest competition back in ROH. They may not be able to move at the same pace they had back in the early 200s, but I'm still confident in their ability to give the fans in attendance and those viewing at home another banger.

5. Daniel Garcia

Daniel Garcia AEW

Daniel Garcia is like the best parts of Bryan Danielson and Low-Ki. He's super cocky and backs it all up with a grappling game that can grind down anyone, no matter the size. Samoa Joe has always worked great with guys that are smaller than him (his bouts with the likes of Amazing Red, Jay Lethal, and Chris Sabin are proof of that). The brutality that would be on display between these two would be off the charts - I'm talkin' vicious open-hand slaps, stiff elbow shots, nasty suplexes, etc. Whoever can lock on their signature submission hold first will most certainly walk out as the ultimate victor of this battle.

6. Eddie Kingston

eddie kingston aew

And here's another violent barnburner dream match that I'm chomping at the bit to see! Eddie Kingston has proven to be one of AEW's most surprising success stories. He doesn't look like your average wrestler and damn sure doesn't talk like one, which is why he's appealed so much to everyone that follows him. His no-nonsense attitude and puroresu-inspired moveset have allowed him to put on some in-ring gems with Jon Moxley, CM Punk, and Chris Jericho. Give him and Samoa Joe 15 minutes, Tony Khan! I wanna see these two brutes produce the type of match that would fit in perfectly on a 90s All Japan Pro Wrestling card.

7. Kenny Omega

kenny omega aew

I mean, this has to happen at some point! Can you imagine a rejuvenated Samoa Joe locking horns with a freshly healed Kenny Omega? Even when Omega was dealing with a ton of injuries, he was still kicking all the asses during his legendary reign as AEW World Champion. This match is so big that it could take the main event slot at an AEW NYC return show at Arthur Ashe Stadium. I imagine a scenario in which Omega uses his agility and striking prowess to knock Joe off his high perch, plus I can also envision Joe suplexing & kicking the hell out of AEW's Ace. How many V-Triggers would it take to put Joe down for the count? And would Omega be able to kick out of a Muscle Buster? I hope those questions get answered sooner rather than later.

8. Powerhouse Hobbs

powerhouse hobbs aew

Powerhouse Hobbs has quickly grown into one of AEW's future superstars to keep an eye on. Since aligning himself with Team Tazz, he's adopted some sweet gear and gained even more of a mean streak. The big guy has gotten to work with the likes of Adam Page, CM Punk, and Keith Lee - those matches have helped him gain even more experience and improve in the eyes of the AEW fanbase. By putting him in the ring with Samoa Joe, I'm confident that Hobbs would once again show how much he's improved since becoming #AllElite. These two definitely have it in them to give the fans a big hoss battle for the ages. I just know we're gonna get a shoulder charge standoff battle here!

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