Here's Why You Need to Be Listening to 'Short Term High Volatility Investments'

Michael Caloca/ONE37pm

For all the sports gamblers out there, picture this scenario: You wake up on a day that's filled with endless opportunities, aka a day filled with sports to bet on, but you don't know who to place your wagers on. Thankfully, a podcast like Short Term High Volatility Investments exists.

'Short Term High Volatility Investments', presented by ONE37pm and hosted by Geoff Sheasby (@OldManWhoBets) and Anthony Latino (@the_odds_fellow), is dedicated to helping you find the best profits in sports and sports gambling. Every week Geoff and Anthony examine what's happening in the world of sports while sharing their best analysis and insights when it comes to betting on your favorite games.

Put it this way: They want to do the research and hard work so that all you have to do is count your cash.

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