Stony Brook Basketball Team Partners With College HUNKS

We spoke to the team about their first sponsorship deal

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As we prepare to wrap up the end of the 2021-2022 college basketball season with some exciting matchups over the next couple of days, big time moves are already being made for the 2022-2023 season. One of those moves is a major announcement coming from Stony Brook University. The school recently announced a new partnership with College HUNKS Hauling Junk and Moving in Long Island, which will sponsor the entire Stony Brook Men's Basketball Team for the ‘22 campaign.

College HUNKS celebrated the moment with Stony Brook basketball players at a signing event at their offices in Hauppauge, NY, and we connected with Mo Diallo from the Stony Brook team to talk more about this groundbreaking partnership.

ONE37pm: Congratulations on this partnership with College HUNKS! What does this mean for the university?

Diallo: This is the first entire Long Island team to receive a sponsorship - which is bringing awareness and recognition to our university. Our team and university look forward to broadening our partnership and working together. 

ONE37pm: This sponsorship will carry through until the 2022 season, so what can fans expect this upcoming season?

Diallo: Spotlighting that our team is able to collect from NIL deals will help with recruitment, as well as showing student-athletes with an entrepreneurial spirit how to capitalize on their own name, image and likeness. This upcoming season, our team members will work in collaboration with College HUNKS to be out in the community giving back, as well as encouraging people to come and work for the brand. 

ONE37pm: How does this deal pave the way for future sponsorship opportunities?

Diallo: Working with NOCAP Sports helped to ensure that all of our players were in alignment with NIL deals. This deal paves the way for future sponsorship opportunities as our team is now comfortable with the process of NIL deals and how they work.

When asked about College HUNKS decision to partner with Stony Brook, Co-Founder and Visionary Nick Friedman and Co-Owner of Long Island College HUNKS had this to say.

College HUNKS believes in building leaders within our organization and in the communities that we serve. We are honored to support college athletes as they set the path for their careers. We chose to support Stony Brook, so we could help local Long Island student athletes, many who work with us during the summer months.

We are committed to offering our top-notch service and support to our local communities and upholding the core values of our brand, which include being a purpose-driven company.”

Fun times are ahead this fall, but in the meantime you can keep up with the Stony Brook Basketball Team and College HUNKS on Instagram.

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