The Tallest WNBA Players Ever: A Look At The WNBA's Best Bigs

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(Photo by Mitchell Layton/NBAE via Getty Images)

Are you wondering who the tallest WNBA players ever are? Let's get in to it!

The game of basketball is a very simple game when you think about it. The main objectives are to get the ball in the hoop, and stop your opponent from getting the ball in the hoop. When boiled down to these simple concepts, height becomes an extremely important asset.

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When the NBA first started, often the strategy was to get the tallest player on the court and run the ball through them. This produced many of basketball's first greats like Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russell in the 1960's. Similarly, there is a group of elite centers who helped shape the WNBA into what it is today.

Here are the five tallest WNBA players ever.

1. Margo Dydek: 7'2"

2. Han Xu: 6'10"

3. Bernadett Hatar: 6'10"

4. Liz Cambage: 6'9"

5. Brittney Griner: 6'9"

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