The Top MLB Prospects in 2023

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So you're wondering who the top MLB prospects in 2023 are? Let's get in to it!

In the regular season, a Major League team can carry 26 players on its roster, but that is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how many players the teams have within their organization. All across the country, thousands of players have contracts with MLB teams and are currently working hard to prepare themselves for an opportunity to play on the big stage

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Trainers are focused on five areas of development for these young players: hitting, power, speed, arm and defense. Most of these players within the minor league systems are young and determined to improve.

Here are the top prospects who are likely to be big names in Major League Baseball in the near future:

1. Jackson Holliday

2. Jackson Chourio

3. Marcelo Mayer

4. James Wood

5. Jordan Lawlar

6. Evan Carter

7. Pete Crow-Armstrong

8. Andrew Painter

9. Jackson Merrill

10. Gavin Williams

11. Kyle Harrison

12. Colton Cowser

13. Druw Jones

14. Junior Caminero

15. Marco Luciano

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