TikTok's Angenay Williams is a Certified Bucket

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Basketball is a beautiful sport. The game itself has reached communities around the world, discriminating against no one. No matter your race, social status, or gender, the game of basketball is for the masses. We’ve seen extraordinary opportunities and stories bloom from that game we love so much, and the sport is still relatively young. 

Recently, women’s basketball has made significant strides in establishing itself as a staple in sports. The WNBA has seen steady growth and increased television ratings, all while the college game has been growing every season. Angenay Williams has been facilitating the growth of the game in a new and exciting way to her almost 400,000 followers on TikTok, posting clips absolutely cooking players with her insanely fast shot release on a regular basis.

Who Is Angenay Williams?

Angenay Williams played basketball at Briercrest athletics, where she was named to the ACAC women’s basketball all-conference team in 2020. She first started posting content on TikTok and YouTube of her playing against trash-talking men in basketball, all while she was wearing high-heels. She would regularly demolish her competition in shooting contests, with the end result never even being close. 

Her main content now revolves around her schooling grown men during pickup games at gyms. She’ll go up against anyone in open runs, and there are few people who can keep up with. Williams bag is so deep there isn’t a spot on the floor she can’t find a bucket or dime up a teammate. 

Williams content isn’t just strictly basketball however, as she has posted several music videos to her YouTube channel, with the most viewed song being ‘Number One Fan’. She is steadily approaching the 10,000 subscriber mark on YouTube although her uploads do regularly consist of basketball content. If you’re looking for some of the best open-gym sessions of people straight getting cooked, Angenay Williams is the content creator for you. 

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