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Mark Schwartz

Mark Schwartz has been a dominant and influential figure in the fashion world for decades. A certified style genius, the Juilliard graduate started his professional career under the likes of Andy Warhol and Roger Vivier, soon becoming an icon in his own right.

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Mark Schwartz

Over the course of his 40-year career, Schwartz has worked with all of the major fashion houses including Gucci, Chanel, Balenciaga, and Marc Jacobs, while also creating personal requests for an abundance of celebrities that over the years have included Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Hillary Clinton, Jennifer Lopez, and more. 

Schwartz’s latest endeavor is three new heels for his line with fashion brand DEIJI, which includes the Francesca, which is an elegant and art deco approach where the heel is bent and squared off with a red hue and trim, and the Daniela in both gunmetal and bronze metallic. Both colors of the Daniela are classic straight heels inspired by the simplicity and DEIJI elegance.

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We spoke with Schwartz to talk about his legendary career, his work with the DEIJI brand, and more in an interview that you can check out below.

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Mark Schwartz

ONE37pm: Hi Mark! Pleasure to be chatting with you today. You have had a storied career thus far, and now you are on a new journey. Tell us more about DEIJI.

Schwartz: It’s a pleasure meeting you as well and I’m honored to be a part of your interview. DEIJI is a true adventure in fashion and makes a statement wherever you go.

ONE37pm: We understand that you are pretty involved on the production side of things as well?

Schwartz: I am very hands-on in the production, I work with the factories every day and I source materials and help make the actual samples.

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ONE37pm: You guys just launched three new shoes, could you tell us more about that?

Schwartz: Well the three new shoes we just launched are actually just the beginning, we have many other wonderful styles following. The Daniela is an elegant but simple style in metallic soft scrunchy leather that takes you from day to evening. The Francesca is an Art Deco inspired sandal in gold metallic with red accents and a sculpted heel. The La Belle is our platform sandal in black leather with gunmetal metallic trim.

ONE37pm: You have worked with some of the best including Jackie Kennedy, Jennifer Lopez and Madonna. What has that been like?

Schwartz: Honestly working with any celebrity is an honor, and it can also have its ups and downs, if a shoe comes in the wrong color or doesn’t fit properly you're almost guaranteed to not work with them again. Jackie Kennedy was a gentle and kind person who loved Roger Vivier shoes and we used to make the same shoe in multiple colors etc, she was thoughtful and always had kind words to say in conversation etc.

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Mark Schwartz

ONE37pm: So you have three new heels out just for fall. What’s on the horizon for winter?

Schwartz: Winter shoes are more varied, beautiful hand made boots in hair calf and Luxe leathers , sneaker boots, rubber bottom lug sole ankle boots and high boots, beautiful DEIJI bags bearing our logo in stitched leather and brass gold letters. Logo belts both fat and skinny in classic colors and bright color belts with oversized buckles.

DEIJI is a collection of well executed and thought out ideas, we are a true team dedicated to excellence, which cannot be accomplished without the direction of Riva Wilkins and her husband Gary.

Oprah was very kind to me wearing my shoes on her show and taking the time to stop her show and talk about the shoes I made for her etc. I’m looking forward to making DEIJI shoes, bags, and belts for specific celebrity clients and that will be happening in the near future.

Be sure to keep up with the latest Schwartz and DEIJI releases via their official website.

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