Celebrating the Legacy of Jackie Kennedy's Fashion

We're taking a trip down memory lane on her birthday

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When it comes to the topic of the best fashion icons of all-time, we often have debates on who should be included on the list. There’s one person, however, that unanimously makes every single round-up, and rightfully so: Jackie Kennedy Onassis aka Jackie O. From the minute she made her first public appearance, all eyes were on her beauty, grace, class, and impeccable style, which has held up through the course of multiple decades. In short, Jackie Kennedy's fashion influence can't be understated.

It wasn’t just the way she put the pieces together, it was how she carried them. Simply put, the outfits didn’t wear Jackie O, she wore them.

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Since today would have been her birthday, we are going back in time to take a look at some of her greatest fits. It would be nearly impossible to list them all in one article, so instead we’ve given ourselves the hefty task of narrowing down our favorites to eleven. Hopefully this inspires you to visit your local thrift stores to add some vintage pieces to your lineup. 

1. Jackie and John Picnic Date

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Not only is this a sweet picture of a young John and Jackie enjoying a picnic date just a few months before tying the knot, but this tan trench coat dress Jackie’s wearing is cut, measured, and tapered to perfection. Such a nice fall look that can easily be duplicated.

2. Jackie O. Red Dress

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Taken from a photoshoot at her Georgetown home in August 1960, Jackie gave us the classic red shift dress complete with a pearl necklace and matching earrings. This is such an elegant look that can be worn to luncheons, dinners, parties, etc. It never goes out of style.

3. Jackie O. Convertible Fit

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Peacoats and the winter season are a perfect match made in cold weather heaven. Jackie O’s coat and hat game was absolutely nothing to be played with. Nobody did it better in the 1960s.

4. Jackie O. at Acropolis

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If you are touring the beautiful country that is Greece, you have to go in style. During her trip to Acropolis, Jackie wore a nice emerald green shift dress that had heads turning.

5. Jackie O. Meets Queen Elizabeth II

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Royalty meets royalty. Jackie looked like a queen herself with her satin silver dress and gloves combo.

6. Jackie O. Tours New York City

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This laid back 1970s look was both comfortable and chic, capturing the essence of 1970s NYC beautifully.

7. Jackie O. Mauve Pink Dress

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Ladies and gentlemen, thee pink dress. Mrs. Kennedy stunned in this strapless evening gown in the 1963 National Gala of Art.

8. Jackie O. Shopping Look

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Believe it or not, this was actually a casual look for Jackie as she was trying to be off the radar to enjoy her vacation. We were never supposed to see this outfit, but the paparazzi got her. The paps can definitely be annoying, but we’re glad they got this gem of a fit.

9. Jackie O. 1970s Paparazzi Shot

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Another paparazzi shot that we were never supposed to see. Once again, we’re glad they got this one because that denim jumpsuit was epic. So were the sunglasses.

10. Jackie O. Shopping In Soho

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We could literally go on forever with all of these legendary outfits. Jackie O. never disappointed. Ever.

11. Jackie O. White House Portrait

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We said we were going to only do eleven, so we’ll stick with that number. It was hard for us to pick this final fit, but ultimately we went with the red White House portrait dress because it was such a landmark historical moment in history.

This article is only a small glimpse of the fashion icon that was and still is Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. We hope you celebrate her birthday some more by checking out the rest of her history-making pieces.

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