The 15 Most Iconic and Outrageous Adam Sandler Outfits

An ode to an unorthodox style icon

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Adam Sandler he's the man if he can't do it no one can. Seriously, if the drip isn't Adam Sandler approved or worn, then it doesn't count on the cool spectrum. Sure Adam Sandler is one of the highest-grossing Hollywood superstars of all-time, sitting pretty at over $2 billion worldwide at the box office. Sure he's had a bunch of memorable roles such as his stint on Saturday Night Live in the 1990s, Billy Madison in 1995, Happy Gilmore in 1996, and 50 First Dates in 2004, but there's a component of Adam Sandler's career that isn't nearly appreciated enough—his awesome and ever-so-slightly goofy style, which we'll be taking a closer look at. Adam Sandler outfits are, quite simply, unique.

Whether you aspire to dress like Sandler, or just simply want to revisit a few of the looks that has helped make him an unexpected style icon, we're doing a breakdown of the most iconic and silly Adam Sandler outfits. Let's get into it.

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1. The Classic Adam Sandler Look

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If Adam Sandler steps out to run casual errands five times in one week, it's possible that he will be wearing some variation of basketball shorts, a logo tee, and whatever sneakers he feels like rocking on that particular day. This is Sandler's go-to look that he never goes too long without wearing, and who can blame him? It's an automatic in terms of nice drip.

2. Puffer Jacket Sandler

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But sometimes Sandler will switch it up a bit and hit us with the unexpected, like on this particular day when he stepped out wearing a neon green puffer coat, which he paired with what appears to be a Hawaiian shirt, reddish brown khakis, and blue sneakers.

3. Preppy Sandler

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If you want an example of an easy-to-duplicate preppy Adam Sandler outfit, then you can check out what he wore to his hand and footprint ceremony at the Mann Chinese Theater in 2005. Jay-Z may have made the Yankees Cap, but Sandler is definitely an honorary member of the Yankees New Era committee as well.

4. Saturday Night Live Sandler

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Sandler's 1990's Saturday Night Live drip doesn't get appreciated nearly as much as what it should, and neither does his guitar playing and singing skills for that matter either.

5. Uncut Gems Sandler

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Is it safe to say that Adam Sander's character in Uncut Gems is his most stylish character ever? Cause we're saying it. Those tinted shades were ultra cool.

6. Uggs Sandler

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One thing about Mr. Adam Sandler—he's going to wear some Uggs, and most of the time the Uggs will be paired with basketball shorts. How he came up with this exact combination is still a mystery, but it works... for Adam Sandler and Adam Sandler only.

7. Hoodie Sandler

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Hoodie Sandler is always a vibe.

Sidenote: Does anybody know how many pairs of sneakers Adam Sandler owns? It has to be well into the hundreds (or even thousands) at this point because we've never seen him repeat.

8. Camo Jacket Sandler

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You know what? Sandler doesn't get enough credit for his jacket game. He's rocked some nice jackets over the decades, including this camouflage one he wore at the 2018 premiere of his Neflix film The Week Of alongside his wife Jackie.

9. Suited and Booted Sandler

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As per our calculations, Adam Sandler wears a suit approximately once a year. That's it (and sometimes he'll skip a year or two). This occasion doesn't happen often, but when Sandler does turn up in a suit, he does it well.

10. Superman Sandler

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Cue the music. This outfit still hasn't been topped with the blue Superman logo shirt, red basketball shorts, and the Air Jordans. We'll call this look Superman with a street edge.

11. Blazer Sandler

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Blazers over simple tees is a look that will never go out of style, and Sandler gave us a masterclass in how to pull it off at the 2010 Grammys.

12. Casual Red Carpet Sandler

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One of the actors in this picture is dressed visibly different from the others. Can you guess who?

13. Insane Logo Hat Sandler

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Adam Sandler (who is not nor has ever been a part of the NYPD) pulled up to the 1995 MTV Rock the Vote wearing an NYPD ball cap which is just... insane (in a good way of course). Very 90s.

14. Grunge Sandler

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In the midst of his five year Saturday Night Live run, Sandler would sometimes channel his inner Kurt Cobain, which was always fun.

15. Plaid Sandler

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Ahh. The good old days of classic MTV. Also, gotta shoutout the plaid fit from Sandler. A plaid shirt paired with a ball cap is actually a fire combo.

Alright, so now that we've covered Adam Sandler's best outfits to date the wheels are turning in your head as to how you can recreate them right? Here's a few suggestions:

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