ALITY Designs is Creating Luxury, Genderless Clothing for Any Lifestyle

We chatted with founder Ality Richardson to learn more

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ALITY Designs

ALITY Designs is a young brand determined to rise without any definitions or limitations. Founded by Ality Richardson in October 2022 after leaving her fortune 500 company, much of the past year for ALITY has been spent leaning into her creative side, building her team, and formulating the perfect assortment for the brand, which features nine different styles including tees, long sleeve shirts, hoodies, vests, joggers, jackets and more for the inaugural collection. Ality’s own experience living in the oversized hoodies, men's pants and pieces from her dad's closet fueled her want to create a brand that fits any lifestyle.

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The underlying ethos of ALITY is “Carhartt meets Tom Ford
with a little Compton," with each piece of this collection being crafted meticulously with luxe finishes and easy tailoring to provide the perfect undone yet impeccably dressed look. We chatted with Richardson to talk more about the development of ALITY and the direction she sees the brand going in the near future.

You can check out the interview below.

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ONE37pm: Great to be speaking with you today! What is ALITY? How did the brand come to be?

Richardson: ALITY is California made low-key luxury streetwear. Imagine Tom Ford and Carhartt had a baby in L.A..

ALITY is my given birth name and is a suffix that means the art of being. We celebrate the art of being all of you. We embody the brave, elevate the unique, and support the free-spirited. Our brand voice is that of a playful poet and we strive to empower and inspire through our storytelling. We intentionally look beyond identity boxes and reward those with lust for life. We have created the space for the in between, bridging a gap we see in the industry. 

The brand was birthed from a pain point of wanting clothes that fit right, feel good and look good. I grew up as a tomboy, athletic type, and never identified with gendered clothing. I like loose clothing that encourages movement. Through puberty, I got curvy and the men's clothing, colors and styles that appealed to me, didn't fit my body. We worked with a pattern maker in L.A. to develop our own oversized fit guide that balances premium fabrication, domestic production and timeless style. Quality and comfort are key to our designs. I was born in San Diego and heavily influenced by the urban scene of San Francisco, so our styles are a perfect combination of both a laid-back and on the go lifestyle. 

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Our clothing is created with intention, longevity and a life beyond the stitch. 

- Ality Richardson

ONE37pm: What is the philosophy behind the brand?

Richardson: Slow fashion and small business is in our DNA. We strive to be 100% American made. We believe in ethical business standards, fair wages, and small batch production. We bridge the gap between leisurewear and high-end fashion. Our process starts with searching for the best fabrication, and lands on a less is more philosophy. We believe you can be stylish but not overdo it at the same time. Our clothing is created with intention, longevity and a life beyond the stitch. 

ONE37pm: How did your experiences as a CEO lead you to where you are now in terms of the decision to start ALITY, and how you run your business?

Richardson: I was born into a family business, and my father was a CEO. While I was an artistic kid, I knew it was expected of me to follow in his footsteps. I ended up switching my double major from music and environmental studies to management and marketing, and worked both retail and hospitality jobs while going to school. 

After graduating college, and a decade being groomed to fill his shoes, my father passed away, and I sold our business to a company who took it public. I was asked to remain onboard as CEO and I felt a duty to do just that, but I knew in my heart once the business transition was complete, I would be ready for a new challenge. While I was extremely fortunate to gain the experience serving as CEO, I didn't fit into Corporate America, and it really made me appreciate small business. Retail and Hospitality were industries I was familiar with and I had the education, experience and ambition to start my own. I wanted to take all the knowledge I had gained from the previous decade in management and blend my unique leadership style with my personal passions and lean into my creative side.

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I resigned from my position with no plans but to get in my van with my dog to venture out on a solo soul-searching road trip. I was inspired and empowered at the time, and called my lawyer on the road and incorporated Ality Designs, Inc. I love branding and had a vision to start a clothing business for many years. I have a relentless work ethic and am determined to succeed. I love storytelling. I love building teams with well-rounded skill sets that differ from my own. I'd like to think I am diplomatic in my leadership approach. I am full of energy. My personal motto is not to waste time. I am tenacious and always up for a challenge. I feel not having a formal education as a fashion designer gives me a unique perspective to push the boundaries of the industry and be revolutionary. 


Our designs are timeless, essential, and made with careful attention to detail. Quality and comfort is key.

- Ality Richardson

ONE37pm: Let’s get into the clothes. How would you describe the overall style of ALITY’s pieces?

Richardson: Our designs are timeless, essential, and made with careful attention to detail. Quality and comfort is key. Leisurewear is great but it isn't versatile in functionality and often lacks style. We sourced domestic, heavy weight, premium fabrics that carry a life of their own, and chose a rich earthy color palette for our first collection, LAYERS, which is meant to dress up or down. We introduced nine styles: a short sleeve, pocket and long sleeve T, two styles of joggers, a pullover and zip up hoodie, jacket and vest. We covered all the basics and didn't want to overdo our initial designs. 

We figured, let's pay attention to getting the best fabrics, sticking with the classics and introducing our unique branded details slowly as we evolve. This is my first collection as a designer, and I wanted to nail the basics first. 

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ONE37pm: What makes ALITY different from other brands, and where do you hope to be in the next five years or so?

Richardson: ALITY wasn't made to sell out or make a quick buck. We believe in quality over quantity. I left my career to start this endeavor and I've poured all of myself into the branding. I even used my name! We plan to grow slowly, staying true to our core values and attracting people who identify with our storytelling. We want to be around 100 years from now. We want to be well-respected in the industry and known for premium quality. 

You can keep up with all things ALITY via their website and Instagram.

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