How Allen Iverson Became A Style Icon and 10 of His Best Moments

Today's A.I.'s birthday, so we're paying our respects

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The name is Iverson. Allen Iverson. And in case you didn’t know, he’s one of the most stylish and fashionable sports icons to ever do it. Full of confidence, swag, and never afraid to break the rules, Iverson helped redefine NBA fashion in the late 1990s and early 2000s with his iconic headband and on-the-court style, along with his urban streetwear fits off the court.

Today marks the Hall of Famer's 47th birthday, and since we’re going to be running back some of his most legendary highlights, we figured we’d also throw in some of his most legendary fits. We’ll start by taking it all the way back to 1996, but we’re gonna do it A.I. Style. Each outfit is going to have a hip-hop/rap song from the late 1990s or early 2000s representing it. Cool right? Let’s go.

1. 1996 NBA Draft

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Song: “The Message”- Nas

You know we had to take it back to the beginning right?  It all started when A.I. was drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers in 1996. Look at the suit y’all.

2. 2000 Source Hip-Hop Awards

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Song: “Woah”- Black Rob

The all-black. The Timbs. The chains. The money bandana. The visor flipped upside down and tipped to the side. Ladies and gentlemen, this was the early 2000s in full effect. Especially on the East Coast.

3. Philadelphia 76ers vs Washington Wizards (2001)

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Song: “H to the Izzo”- Jay-Z

A.I had to sit out this game due to an injury, but look at how he pulled up though. Oh and the lollipop. We can’t forget the lollipop.

4. Vibe 3rd Annual Quincy Jones Achievement Award (2003)

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Song: “Da Rockwilder” - Method Man & Red Man

You know you’re legendary when Stevie Wonder asks to meet you. Shoutout to the fit too.

5. Random 76ers Game (2004)

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Getty Images

Song: “Lean Back”- Fat Joe/Terror Squad

We had to have a picture of Iverson with the headband and cornrows in here just because nobody had ever done it before, and anybody that has done it since is doing “The A.I.”

6. Reebok 10 Year Anniversary (2005)

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Song: “Tipsy”- J Kwon

Of course, we had to include this Rastafarian look from A.I.’s 2005 Reebok 10 Year Anniversary Party.

7. 31st Birthday Party (2006)

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Getty Images

Song: “Still Tippin”- Mike Jones

Iverson did it big for his all-white 31st birthday party.

8. 2007 All-Star Game

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Song: “Ridin”- Chamillionaire 

We’ll call this look “Enter The Matrix.” Very Neo-esque if you ask us.

9. 76ers vs Sacramento Kings (2009)

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76ers vs Sacramento Kings (2009)

Song: “Hot In Herre”- Nelly

You can’t talk Allen Iverson style without mentioning “Questions.” You just can’t.

10. 2022 All-Star Game NBA 75 Honors

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Getty Images

Even post-retirement Iverson does things his way.

Happy Birthday to one of the greatest to ever do it, and to the person that forever changed NBA Style.

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