Behind the Costumes in 'MJ The Musical'

The show and its costumes were brilliant

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MJ the Musical

There’s no words to describe MJ the Musical other than brilliant. Starring Myles Frost as MJ, the show takes place just about every night at the Neil Simon Theater in Manhattan, and boy did we have a ball. We sang, danced, laughed, and cried as we witnessed a truly memorable show celebrating an icon. Equally memorable were the costumes showcased during the show, as they were literally a journey through the different eras of Michael. 

Here’s what else stood out.

There were major throwbacks to Mike’s early career with the Jackson 5 with suits similar to the ones worn by The Temptations, a recreation of The Jackson 5’s national television debut on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1968, and references to The Jackson’s mid-1970s looks with their Afros and disco jumpsuits.

Of course all of MJ’s iconic jackets and hats were showcased as well. You had the cream “Smooth Criminal” jacket and fedora. Then there was the red “Thriller” jacket, the red “Beat It” jacket, and of course, the black shimmery “Billie Jean” jacket paired with the white glove, and black fedora.

The military jackets that Michael wore heavily in the 1980s and 1990s were on full display too. 

Sometimes the outfits of the cast/dancers varied. At times the cast looked more modern with athletic/athleisure wear, and sometimes their costumes matched the song Michael was performing.

Of course we can’t forget about “The Way You Make Me Feel” either.

And the reporter style outfits along with the “business manager” suits.

Each costume told a story. Each look was memorable. And the show was genius.

Make sure you check it out if you are ever in NYC.

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